Sephora Spring Savings Sale 2021 – My Recommendations

The Sephora Spring Sale starts on April 9th, just a few days away!  Depending on what tier you fall into will determine how much you will get off at checkout!!  I am Rouge VIB so I’ll be getting 20%!!  I love this sale because this is where I pick up things I want to try + replenish.  The best part, I don’t have to pay the full price!  #winning


I share this sale every time it comes around because if you’re not a regular pro shopper like myself, it can be overwhelming.  Ok ok, I’m not a professional shopper but I do know my way around Sephora oh too well.  My friends + family can totally vouch for me!!

Check out what I have in my cart…

There are so many products I want to try!!!  I have a budget that I put together on my own so I won’t or can’t go overboard.  This allows me to take advantage of the sale but sets boundaries at the same time.  I actually started doing this a couple years ago and it works out well.  There’s no anxiety, no buyer’s remorse, no nothing negative, just simply a girl shopping + having fun.  I also plan out what I want to buy in advance by going online and shopping the Sephora site and adding items into my cart.  Come the sale day, all I have to do is hit that “checkout” button, so simple.  I also paid a little extra to get 2-day shipping (a yearly fee) which is so worth it.  And in my line of work, this helps me out a lot because I can review + get those products in front of you asap.  After all, not all of us are Rouge so some people will appreciate the early review in case they have the item in their cart.  Make sense???


My Highly Requested Recommendations…

All year long I am always asked for recommendations which is one of my favorite parts of my job.  It never gets old and I am just so amazed that you trust me with so much.  That really makes me so happy!!  The truth is I would never recommend anything I wouldn’t use + love myself – that’s the bottom line.  If you’re here, you made a lifelong friend, hello 👋🏼


Tag me…

Don’t forget the DISCOUNT code I gave you earlier in this post.  If you shop this sale and snag some of the products I recommended please tag me @ninamarieblogs in a post or something.  I’d love to see what you got!!  Have fun shopping!!

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