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When you’re skin is aging and you start to notice fine lines + dehydrated skin you want to find beauty products that work for you.  A lot of times we can get our hands on really great beauty products but are they going to work well on all skin types + concerns???  No two people have the exact same skin so you have to do your research and try products that you know are for your specific skin type.  Brands often do make foundations, concealers, and powders for all different skin types.  My skin is combination, and I’m in my 40’s so it helps that brands now formulate beauty with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, HA.  If you don’t already know hyaluronic acid draws moisture up to the surface of your skin making it more plump and hydrated.  It also helps if your diet is healthy + you drink a fair share of water – it would be nice to solely rely on HA to make our skin look the best.


Over the past year, I have been trying out so many products because the concerns I’m having with my skin are fine lines, dehydration, and pigmentation.   In my case, this is due to hormonal changes that are happening consistently in my body right now.  Not fair but this is life.  And unfortunately, everyone is different and therefore will have different areas of concern and body changes.  Below are some really good beauty products that I have been using for a while now and love.  They allow my makeup to create an even tone, it doesn’t settle into my fine lines, they give me a healthy glow from within look, and I can count on a specific product, Urban Decay Vitamin C + Cactus Water to set my makeup for an all-day flawless finish.


Below I’m going to introduce you to a few beauty products that will probably surprise you will how well they work for maturing skin.  Don’t shy away from saying, “maturing skin”.  It’s part of life and it can be a beautiful thing if you allow it to be – one main hump to first get over is accepting the fact that we sometimes have to change up our routine + products.  So it is not the end of the world it’s just adjusting to the new phase of your life.  Here ya go…

urban decay vitamin c setting spray
Spraying my face first with this setting spray allows my makeup to last all day long without creasing or smudging. Love this stuff so much!!  You can shop the clear zip bags here.
urban decay setting spray
I sometimes spray this first and then apply my hyaluronic acid serum and it helps absorb faster leaving a nice glow (not oily).
makeup for anti aging
The full-size bottle usually lasts a while applying it once a day. It also contains vitamin c which helps slow down melanin production which causes melasma. You can shop my black robe here
milani conceal and perfect concealer
This is the BEST concealer I have tried in a really long time. It doesn’t settle into fine lines, it’s not dry to the under-eye area, and it looks fresh all day long.
The number one thing I have learned while researching about maturing skin is, cream products are your best friend. They last long, they work well with drier skin types, and they blend out like butter. I also love that they give you a healthy look. You really can’t go wrong. I will say it does take some getting used to working with cream products – I thought it was so much better than working with powders.
makeup for mature skin
I don’t usually set my face or my under-eye area but if you are one that does I highly recommend the Saie translucent loose powder. It is not drying and it’s a clean formula.
beauty for anti aging
I also use the Smashbox Hydrating Under-eye primer which is amazing for longevity + a flawless look.
anti aging makeup products
Last but definitely not least, I always use a beauty sponge to apply my foundation, CC cream, and concealer. It really does help give an airbrushed look. It also prevents the cakey look!  I recommend Miracle Airblend Beauty Makeup Sponge!

makeup for anti aging

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