How to Wear a White Blazer for Spring

Styling a white blazer can be really easy and because we’re in the Spring season I think you should.  As you probably already know everything goes well with white.  The only thing you want to stay away from is piling print on top of the print.  There are a lot of fashionistas that love mixing prints and it does look good most of the time but there is a fine line for sure.

I usually love mixing jeans, a printed top, and then throwing on a white blazer.  This way your top will pop, especially, if it has pretty colors.  Another thing to think about is stretch!!  For some reason, I feel that clothing pieces with stretch curve your body better.  It is more comfortable and more than likely you’ll want to put it on more often.  That’s how I am if it is comfy and stretches I’m all in.

That Perfect Bodysuit

Bodysuits are so do-able these days.  If you aren’t okay with a thong then maybe this isn’t your cup of tea but thongs have come a long way and can be comfy.  Trust me if it wasn’t I wouldn’t be caught dead in one!!  This bodysuit is pretty cool as it comes in so many colors, the quality is out of this world, and the price won’t break the bank.


Ruffle Linen Shorts

Loving these linen shorts with the ruffle detail.  They also come in a variety of colors!!  I am also in love with these sandals with the big ball detail.  They make me think of my childhood when my mom would buy me jelly sandals.


Amazon Dress

I love a good ole spring dress with a floral print.  This one is a favorite on my list!  You can literally style this up or down by simply adding heels or sneakers.  When you add the blazer it just takes it up a few notches to cool-girl status.  Amiright??


I have a few posts in the queue waiting to be posted so please check back frequently for those.  The next post is going to be styling maxi spring dresses.

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