My “No Fuss” Easter Tablescape

Easter is a holiday that I love!!!  The only regret is not having more family to celebrate the occasion.  Either way, Todd + I make the best of it and cook our favorite entrees + sides.  I love decorating the table and making little Easter bags for the little kids that live on our street.  It takes me back to when the girls were younger and we would plan easter egg hunts + veg out all day long.  Thank goodness for these memories.  Now they are 19 + 17 and really don’t care for any of that stuff unless their friends are involved.  I know it’s the age but I can’t help but miss the way things use to be when they were lil babies.  I was always warned of this by other parents and now know what they mean.

Hopefully, in a few years, we will be living back in Texas and we can have the BBQ’s and larger gatherings again with family like the good ole days.  There’s something to be said about being able to look forward to future endeavors.  Fingers crossed 🤞🏻

Our Easter Menu

-Prime Rib Roast

-Bake Scalloped Potatoes Au gratin

-Creamy Garlic Mushrooms

-Garlic Parmesan Roasted Carrots

-Homemade Pink + Yellow Tie Dye Bundt Cake

-Challah Bread

My Saturday is going pretty good…

I wasn’t going to post today speaking that it’s a holiday weekend but I wanted to share my tablescape with you.  It’s nothing too fancy and a lot of the items I already had….but I did go to HomeGoods + CVS to get a few new things that I was lacking.  At CVS I grabbed the faux grass, easter eggs, and candy.  I made a pit stop at HomeGoods just to see what I could find to add color + charm to my table.  I scored big time!! The great thing about adding to your home decor, you can reuse these items for so many different events/occasions.

HomeGoods Finds

I found the cutest hand-painted lemon glasses!!  The fact that I will have to hand wash them each time we use them doesn’t make me happy but the glasses really are today’s best find.  I also found the blue + white vases that give me vintage vibes.  I just love those!  I would have preferred them to be a little shorter but I couldn’t leave the store without them.  I also picked up some Himalayan salt as you can use it for so many things, a base for candles, cooking, and you can throw some in your bath water for detoxing!!!

Just for fun!

I apologize that I will not be linking anything today.  This is for pure fun + inspiration!!  Most of the items I used I’ve had for years like the green leafy placemats, clear glass candle holders, turquoise mosaic chargers, and the table runner.  And you know how HomeGoods is, it’s so hard to link anything from that place.  Wish I could.  For now, let’s just enjoy and share ideas.



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