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It’s fall time and just about every store you walk into will have a seasonal decor on display.  Will you be that person who buys something just because it looks pretty on the shelf?  I have to admit and I hate that I’m admitting this but I am one of those people too.  I say “too” because I’m sure at one point…at some time in your life, you’ve probably purchased something at a full price off that shelf too.

In this post, I want to share some of my favorite stores where you can buy fall decorations and still stay within your budget.  Yes, I said it “budget”.  That has to the in the top ten words people hate hearing, yes?  It’s not at all a bad thing really.  When you set a budget and live within your means – you literally living in freedom.  Have you ever heard the phrase, “living in financial freedom”?  One way to get to financial freedom is sticking to a budget…so let’s get started.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons!!  The nights become crisp with a light cool breeze.  The leaves start to change colors, pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks, and there’s a certain energy in the air that screams “H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S”.  I just love it!  I hope you do too and that is why you’re here reading this quick blurb on how to purchase fall decor on a budget.  

By the way, just because I have luxury handbags doesn’t mean I don’t like to save money where I can.  After all, if I save where it counts I may just be able to purchase my next handbag.  Right?  Ok, let’s hope Todd doesn’t read this…lol.

When I start my fall decorating plan, I always start with the basics.  I ask myself, “what’s going to warm up this space?”  After that adding the little fillers here and there doesn’t seem so hard – it just adds to the whole decor elements.  The basics will be considered: pillow, throws, color, etc….fillers are considered to be: candles, signs, floral, etc…

I always feel like pillows + throws are a great place to start warming up the place for the fall.  You can add texture, color, and pattern right away with these elements in the room.  You can find some really nice pieces at BigLots, Target, Kirklands, and Michaels.  At Kirkland’s use code: DECORATE to save 30% off of your order.  If you are shopping at Michael’s click here for your 40% off coupon.  Michael’s is also having a sale right now, 40% off all fall + seasonal decor.  Shop shop shop now!

If you love shopping at Target like I do – you must get the RED card.  Basically, you can save 5% off of your entire purchase just by paying with your RED card.  All it is, linking your checking account to the RED card.  To sign up for this, you bring in a VOIDED check and you get a red card sent to you via mail that you can use on your next trip to Target.  It is a beautiful thing and I use mine all the time.  If you are one that loves to save money this is a no brainer…start saving now.  Make sure when you enquire about the RED card it is the debit version and not the credit version.  You want the card that will work as if you’re using your debit card.  The only difference is you’ll be saving 5% every time you use it.  If you use your debit card from your bank, you won’t save anything.



Here are some more of my budget-friendly recommendations:


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