A Twinkling Wonderland: My Christmas Tree Tour 2023

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived, and with it comes the joy of decorating my Christmas trees! This year, I decided to go all out and create a festive wonderland with not one, but three beautifully adorned trees. Join me on a virtual tour as I share the inspiration and details behind each enchanting creation.

Tree 1: Classic Elegance with Rustic Charm

The first tree, positioned in the heart of my living room, is a vision of classic elegance. Adorned with feminine sage and ivory ornaments, it pays homage to timeless Christmas charm. Rich, velvet pink ribbons cascade gracefully, while delicate white lights twinkle amid lush green eucalyptus branches. The crowning jewel is a vintage-inspired bow topper that adds a touch of delicate glam to the overall ambiance.

Elegant and rustic christmas tree decor


Tree 2: Whimsical Black, White, and Red Fun

In the cozy corner of my home, I’ve crafted a fun winter wonderland with the second tree. This tree is a symphony of silver, black, and red ornaments, reminiscent of a snowy landscape. Playful vintage red cars and glittery black reindeer ornaments hang on many tree branches, creating a magical scene that captures the enchantment of a chic Christmas night. LED lights in cool white hues complete the look, casting a gentle glow throughout the room.  I linked everything I could below – some things I linked very similar products.  All of the ornaments are hard to link because I’ve collected them over the years.  If you go with the same color scheme you can create the same feel + look – it will only be better because came up with it.

black and white themed christmas tree decor



Tree 3: Whimsical and Boozy Ambiance

Embracing the whimsical charm of the season, my third tree graces the family dining area with warmth and simplicity. Dressed in bright tones of red, green, and a variety of other colors, this tree features fun elements like a dirty martini glass, metal white-washed stars, and extra large round glittery ornaments. Warm white lights impart a cozy glow, creating a serene atmosphere perfect for intimate gatherings and festive meals.

Tip: I couldn’t find a tree collar I liked for this tree so I used a basket I already owned.  I turned it upside down and cut a slit from one side to the center of the bottom of the basket.  I was able to slide it around the bottom of the tree stand and it created a collar of its own.  Overall, I love the cozy homemade look of it and I didn’t have to spend more money.  #winwin


A tip my Mom always shared with me and I will now share it with you, in the season where everything seems overwhelming just get the tree up and add to it one day at a time.  It doesn’t have to be all finished up in one day or night – have fun with it and come back to it as often as you need or until the tree is finally what you want it to be. 

Christmas spirit…

As I stand amidst the glittering lights and festive ornaments, I can’t help but feel the magic of the season. Each tree tells a story, reflecting different aspects of the holiday spirit. Whether it’s the timeless elegance of the second tree, the whimsy of the green and red boozy tree, or the rustic charm of the first one, together, they create a symphony of Christmas magic in my home.

I hope this virtual tour has brought a bit of holiday cheer to your day. Wishing you a joyous and Merry Christmas filled with love, laughter, and the magic of beautifully decorated trees!

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