White House Black Market Favorites

I wanted to share some new arrivals from White House Black Market.  I have been shopping WHBM for a long time now – I can remember the first black evening dress I bought.  It was one of those simple wrap dresses – flirty yet classy – fit like a glove.  I paired it with yellow strappy heels and I felt like, Carry Bradshaw in Sex in the City.  They weren’t Jimmy Choo or Valentinos but still, the fact that I went out on the town in yellow heels made me feel nothing less than a very important person.

White House Black Market is one of those stores that you get excited about, everything is so chic and stylish – it makes you want to buy everything!!

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Marissa, one of their marketing specialists asking to collaborate.  Obviously, being that I am already a fan I said yes right away.  The whole process was easy, I choose up to five pieces in the “New Arrivals” category, and was invited to attend a VIP shopping event for a few hours.  I also invited a few of my friends to tag along.  You can only imagine how fun this was for me.  Not to mention, how generous is Marissa???

Once I made all the selections, Marissa overnighted the package.  Every piece came in its own plastic sleeve sealed and unwrinkled.  This was helpful because it allowed me to start shooting right away and I didn’t have to take time out to iron or steam any pieces.  Could they have read a blogger’s mind?  Love it when that happens.

Why does WHBM align with Nina Marie Blogs?

The whole reason I started my blog was to inspire women on many different levels.  Quick story, a few years ago, I went through a spell where I felt like I lost my identity.  I didn’t feel like myself, I was uninspired and I was in a bad place in general.  Once I did some soul searching and got my mojo back, I found my love for fashion again.  My blog was a great platform to showcase my ideas + tips but most importantly to connect with other women.  Since I’ve started my blog I have met so many people just like me!!  I have what seems like, “BFFs” all around the world.  I never really thought that this would happen as its something you never plan or think will happen to you.  Life has the strangest way of just placing you where you need to be at the right time.

WHBM aligns well here, they love making women feel amazing in their clothes and walking through their boutique like decorated stores inspires us.  They strive to give us quality, versatility, and they want us to look fabulous too.  When you purchase from WHBM, Chicos or Soma Intimates you are investing in something you can trust and wear with confidence.  We all know when you are confident you can perform better and it will show.

Let me get into showing you some of the outfits I styled using WHBM’s newest arrivals –

you can find more of the collection here.















*A special “THANKS” to White House Black Market for collaborating + sponsoring this post.  All links are affiliated please read here for further information.



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