My Most Worn Spring Sandals

Spring came around so quickly and I was ready for it.  After so many months of quarantine, I had enough time to plan and think about my content.  Spring is one of those seasons you can have lots of fun within the fashion category.  Just think about all the colors and cute patterns that are introduced all throughout spring and summer.

How do I choose my seasonal sandals??

Shoes are my thing!  You can ask Todd and he’ll vouch for me on that one.  There is something to be said about finishing off an outfit with the perfect shoes.  In this case, a sandal.  This season it was all about the neutrals + ball ornaments on the straps of the sandal.  Makes quite the statement and it totally takes the outfit up a few notches adding fun + flare.  So, I almost always start my seasonal collection with a trend like the ornamented sandal.

What color do I choose?

When it comes to choosing a color of sandal(s), you want to create a variety but also not be limited to what you can do.  For example, I love colorful things a lot!!!  But for my sandals, I choose mostly neutral colors like tan, nude, black, white, ivory, cognac, etc…I will throw in one or two sandals that have a color like my Gucci slides.  The floral pattern is fun and I like the colors on the strap, it makes it so feminine + pretty.

How many pairs of sandals are enough to rotate?

This is a good question because this is something I always was curious about too.  Typically, this is a personal preference.  I am sent shoes all the time from various brands to try and then display on my Instagram feed.  So please never compare your collection to other blogger’s collections because that is going to be a never-ending race.  Do you know what I mean?  I always go with an odd number like 3 for starters.  Two pairs will be neutrals tones and then one can be your colorful pair.  If it were me, I would choose a black + nude pair and then a floral or color of the season (that may change each year).



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