A girl & guy in Key West

casa marina trip 2015This was another mishap where I had all the intentions of vlogging this Key West getaway.  Can you guess what happened?  You’ll probably never guess. I will tell you it has something to do with leaving it on the dryer.  I was so disappointed because I knew this was the chance for a great vlogging opportunity. Can you relate?  Total fail – but I took pictures!!

We were invited to KW with a group of friends (wonderful people btw) for a 40th birthday celebration.  At first, we didn’t know if this was going to happen because of the potential move to Tampa, FL.  Remember that? Thankfully, that did not happen and we stayed, and, therefore, went to KW.  It was a lot of fun!  It also gave Todd and I the opportunity to get to know our friends more in depth.  You know besides the common talk of, “what do you do”, “do you have any kids”.  Most of our friends had gone to KW before which was great.  We were ready to hone in on what they knew about the island.  We were excited!


IMG_0614We ended up taking the Key West Express from Ft. Myers which departed on Friday at 8:45am.  When we got to the island we quickly checked into Casa Marina Resort and grabbed some lunch out by the pool on the hotel grounds.  It was so pretty that day, our table overlooked the beautiful beach and tropical scenery.  Once we were done with all of that stuff, we headed over to rent a scooter for the remainder of our visit.  I highly recommend it, as it is a super-easy way to get around town for a small expense.  We scooted our way to met up with the rest of the group and hung out at Willie T’s.  There was a live band who was singing all kind of tunes from the 80’s & 90’s from bands like Journey, Foreigner, REM, Tom Petty, etc…  After a few hours, we all went our separate ways to attend our evening plans.  Todd made reservations at Lou’s BackYard for dinner, a Caribbean-American menu with ocean views & a wine bar.  The atmosphere was romantic & the food was finger licking good.  We couldn’t have been happier.










IMG_0659The next morning we went for brunch with our friends at this local place called Blue Heaven.  It was packed – but still only waited about 25 minutes for our table.  Not long enough to complain – this is a good thing.  It was an eclectic restaurant with unique, hand painted decor, and silly plaques that read, “Shower $1.00, To Wash $2.00.”  It was such a funny place with delicious food.  I ordered the BLT Benny (Bacon, Lobster, Tomato Eggs Benedict).  Todd had Shrimp & Grits which was tossed in green onions & cheesy goodness – so yummy.  We were fueled for the day.




FullSizeRender copy

Later on, we started the 40th birthday celebration at the Marriott Beach Front pool area.  It was really hot, but our Pina Coladas and ice cold waters were keeping us cool.  After a few hours at the Marriott, we headed to Casa Marina for a quick dip before dinner at 2¢ Grill & Pub.  We don’t get a whole lot of alone time so this was a perfect opportunity for us to reconnect.  We talked about our future plans, discussed next year’s house project and possibly getting Nittany an agent.  Then, we got into the beach water which was a really serene moment (there was only one other couple out there).  I loved every minute of it.

IMG_0663 IMG_0680 IMG_0685

2¢ Grill & Pub was a treat specially, in the baked beans & truffle fries sector.  After dinner, we stopped into Coyote Ugly where some of us decided to make their debut on the bar, so entertaining.  The real fun was at Irish Kevin’s Pub featuring live entertainment by NY Pauly (he was soooo good).  We sang along with the songs, we danced in our little-given spaces and laughed all night long.  I also got a surprise visit from our dentist.  Which was pretty crazy because he looked so different.  He wasn’t wearing scrubs!!!  And I was pretty happy I flossed that day.  Do you think he could notice?  Probably not after those Whisky & pickle juice shooters.  Who drinks that?

IMG_0692 IMG_0694All in all, this trip was so much fun, and very much needed.  I am looking forward to the next time we can act like kids again, and laugh till our stomachs hurt.  I know that sounds uncomfortable but once it happens it becomes something you can’t wait to feel again.  Let’s just hope we don’t experience scooters on sidewalks.  Ha ha ha…  Cheers!



Disclosure: All opinions are my own.  I purchased all products mentioned with my own money.  Names of persons on the trip are not published on the blog post unless otherwise authorized to do so for the sake of their privacy.  Pictures were taken by me or taken with my personal camera/phone for my personal use (i.e.: my blog).

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