Styling White High Rise Jeans

Everyone needs at least one pair of white jeans in their closet.  For me, it is a classic staple for the spring + summer months.  This season in particular I’m drawn to this high-rise, straight leg style here.  They are versatile and you can basically pair them with anything and it will look great.

If you read around on other blogs, they put down so many rules when it comes to wearing white jeans.  I’m all about doing what you want and if looks good then you’re winning.  Fashion is supposed to be fun and rules are meant to be broken – my mama once told me that one.  So I’m sticking to that!



Check out the Instagram reel video featuring these looks here.

If you are ever in a pickle and don’t know what to style with white jeans always resort to a neutral top + shoes.  You really can’t go wrong.  I typically leave brighter more fun colored tops + shoes for summer.  Spring is the time where I ease my way into it.  At the very least just have fun…fashion is what you make of it.


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