Review: Smile Brilliant CariPro + Coupon Code

I have had a great opportunity of testing out the CariPro Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush by Smile Brilliant.

First and foremost, I brush my teeth twice a day and floss daily.  It is a habit I created from when I can remember. Before the CariPro, I was using the Philips Sonicare Protective Clean 4100 Plaque Control Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, in pink.  I had never owned an electric toothbrush before and this was quite the change from the ordinary handheld toothbrush that has no movement or vibration at all.  You basically have to use your hand to do all the work.  Now that I think back, I ask myself how this could have possibly cleaned my teeth?

I have grown to love an electric toothbrush and will never go back to the basic toothbrush like ever.  Once you have been exposed to really good technology and see amazing results with your teeth, it’s really hard to not use it.  Since I have upgraded to the CariPro Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush I am obsessed.  The differences that I have noticed right away between the two are major!  I know the price point is one of them but also less plaque build-up + whitening of my teeth.  I really thought the Philips Toothbrush was helping with my plaque but I was always having to scrape it off with my personal dental tools at home.  So frustrating.  On top of that, I used whitening strips by Crest every week to keep my teeth bright and white (obviously).  The CariPro helps with all of that and I can go weeks without whitening my teeth which makes life so much easier.  My dentist has noticed a big difference in my plaque build-up and feels that its all because of the new technology in CariPro by SmileBrilliant.

I have to travel quite a bit for my job and the CariPro is perfect for my lifestyle.  When I’m at home my toothbrush lives on the charging base.  It stays fully charged for 24 complete hours and after that, it can be used for 30 pre-timed brush cycles.  My travel trips don’t last more than a couple of days so this means I don’t have to bring the charger with me.  One last thing to worry about packing, yes?  Another thing, there are 5 modes to choose from for your teeth care.  Once mode that sold me was whitening.  In as little as 3 days I was able to notice a significant difference in the color of my teeth.  Not only me, my family + friends too!

In as little as 2 minutes a day, you can healthier + brighter smile just by changing to the CariPro Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush.  It is so worth the investment and the maintenance are very low.  All you have to do is run it underwater for a few seconds to remove any leftover toothpaste or debris and store the toothbrush upright to maximize proper drainage.

Your CariPro Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush package contains:

  1. CariPro Premium Brush Head (x2) – read here to re-order
  2. CariPro Toothbrush Handle (waterproof)
  3. CariPro Charging Base
  4. Instruction manual (super easy to understand)
  5. SmileBrilliant FAQ’s 
  6. Click here for pricing information

CariPro Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush benefits:

  1. Removes 7x more plaque than competitive toothbrushes
  2. Improve gum health in 2 weeks!
  3. 2x whiter teeth in just a single week.
  4. Comfortable to hold.  Simple to use…and it’s waterproof
  5. Backed by a FULL 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  6. If you are not 100% satisfied – SmileBrilliant will take it back!

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