Packing Essentials for Her

I love traveling to tropical places like Playa Maroma, Mexico or Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  It is nice to be able to get away even for a long weekend just to take a breath and get some relaxation time.  This is so important to do because our lives are fast-paced, stressful, and for some of us, it’s hard to turn it off to relax.  Todd and I find really amazing deals on quick getaways (three day weekends) if we plan ahead of time.  We also sign up for email notifications with a few airlines and hotels so we can be in the know about specials + accommodations.

Another thing I love to do, I look for items to make my trips fun and exciting.  This can be colorful or funny miscellaneous packing needs to the actual luggage.  In my opinion, finding the perfect suitcase that best suits your needs makes any trip a breeze.  I recommend this one.  In this post, I am going to suggest some products that have made my life super simple when it comes to my excursions.  They are helpful!!

Travel Jewelry Bag

This jewelry travel bag allows you to store all of your earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc… all in one place.  Your necklaces will not get tangled, you won’t lose an earring, and all of the extra zip pockets create security.  You will be able to store lots and lots of jewelry in this cute thing.  It comes in various colors – pink happens to be my favorite.  This unique design stores away beautifully in your suitcase without any worries of damage. This bag has a handle at the top in case you’d rather carry it.


Sunnies are an important thing to pack to help protect your eyes from harmful UVA/UVB rays.  I have an assortment to choose from because sunglasses are my thing.  I recommend a few brands like Quay, Sojo, and Olieye!  I like going with a frame style that is slightly larger only because it protects more of my eye + cheekbones area.

Packing Cubes

I first heard about packing cubes in the blogger’s world.  I follow a ton of travel bloggers which started all the rage of the packing cube.  I remember thinking that all my belongings were not going to fit in these cubes.  I was wrong and now I’m a packing cube fanatic.  At first, I am shamefully going to admit I paid a high dollar for a set of cubes.  Fast forward a year, I have found them at a great price in various colors + prints.

Cute Zip Bags

Little bags that have adorable little details like these eyelashes make my trip so much more fun.  When it comes to packing or unpacking it always puts a smile on my face.  I found these in a set of 6 and I have gifted them to family + friends.  I definitely kept one for myself, duh.  On the last trip, I used this cute zip bag for a few skincare products.

Carry On Bag

This carry on bag is amazing, hands down!!  I love the straps of this bag – they are large enough to fit comfortably on your shoulder.  Some straps I find to be too small and unless you have toothpicks as arms, it makes for a non-travel friendly bag.  This bag also has a few pockets inside and two on the outside, one that has a zip closure.  It easily slides onto your luggage pull and makes your life so simple.  If you wanted you could just take this carry on for a weekend or night away from home, as it fits quite a few things!!  Highly recommend!!


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