Gift Guide for HER Under $100

It’s that time again where all the frenzy begins and excitement of the holiday season is upon us.  Often we find ourselves looking forward to it but on the other hand, we fear being overwhelmed.  This is where gift guides come in handy!  A few years ago, I jumped on the bandwagon of curating gift guides.  It is time-consuming and the research seems endless every year.  And when it comes to my own shopping I feel a little spent at that point.  The gratitude that comes from all of you is what encourages me to keep creating them.  It really makes my day when I get messages from you thanking me or telling me how much help my gift guide is OR that my recommendations were all a huge hit.  I’m hoping this year will blow last year’s way!!

Okay now on to the gifts under $100…

When it comes to gifting your mom, sister, work wife, or any other leading lady in your circle, the best gifts for women are more about making a considerate gesture than finding a shiny object for the win. After all, with so much that’s happened over the last year, a truly thoughtful present proves you can be her silver lining even in the weirdest and worst of times.

From pretty jewelry to top-shelf essentials and chic smart-home additions, we curated dozens of thoughtful gifts for women—under $100.  This wasn’t as easy as it looks but we know you find this super helpful.  We love taking the hardship + inconvenience out of holiday shopping. After all, isn’t it supposed to be the best time of the year??

This year we kept every woman in mind and tried thinking outside the box.  We also didn’t want a replay of last year’s gift guide.  Boring…Happy shopping!

gift guide for her under $100


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