Ceviches by Divino

The best Peruvian food in Fort Myers?  I was recently invited to enjoy some savory menu items at Ceviches by Divino, located in Fort Myers Florida.  I have had my fair share of Peruvian cuisine and it has always been really delicious.  I have to say there is something extra special about Ceviches by Divino. For starters, the decor is an urban rustic design with an open floor plan and high ceilings which makes it the perfect setting for a fun date night or GNO (girl’s night out) dinner.

The menu is two-pages front + back printed on a thicker paper source.  All the food selections are pictured with a brief description on the bottom making it so simple to order.  The only difficult thing is deciding what to order because the food looks mouthwatering.  There is a second menu dedicated to their specialty drinks, which are really one of a kind and taste out of this world.  They incorporate real fruits, the highest quality liquors, and fresh herbs – my favorite is the Mojito de Maracuya.

I was able to take a friend along to taste test all the wonderful dishes at Ceviches by Divino, so Erika joined.  She is from Ecuador so I knew she would have a greater appreciation for the tastes of Peru.  It was really fun selecting all of our dishes and couldn’t wait for them to arrive at our table.  As our plates started to arrive one by one, Erika and I were so impressed with the presentation.  It is beautiful, colorful, and makes for a great blog photo!

When you visit Ceviches by Divino you’ll find the freshest ingredients and the prettiest plates.  Here is what our lunch looked like – names are listed at the bottom of each photo for convenience:

Ceviche Salmon Apaltado
Left: Causa Crocante Con Tuna; Right: Ceviche Frito
Combinado Marino
Jalea Roll
Roll Acevichado

I would highly recommend Ceviches by Divino to anyone looking to satisfy their craving for Peruvian cuisine.  It was amazing, the staff are friendly, the service is quick and you are guaranteed a great time.  Click here for more information such as directions, hours, and reservations.









*Thank you to Ceviches by Divino for sponsoring this post.  I was honored to accept your invitation to taste test some of your most unique dishes.

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  1. 3.4.20
    Mary said:

    I think Ive been to the one in Miami. Is it owned by the same people?? It was so impressive!! Will ck it out.

  2. 3.4.20
    Lisa said:

    Everything looks delish and I love a good ceviche!!!

  3. 3.4.20
    Ray said:

    Will have to go this weekend!

  4. 3.4.20
    Jimmy said:

    Beautiful post – Can’t wait to try

  5. 3.4.20
    Erica said:

    I can’t believe a place this cute is located here in FM

  6. 3.4.20
    Jasmine said:

    All the dishes look amazing

  7. 3.4.20
    Todd said:

    I will definitely have to try it!