A fragrance you’ll love

Fragrances are personal, yes I know this is very true. However, sometimes you run across a special scent(s) that you have to share. Funny enough this is one gift that doesn’t go unnoticed nor do people complain about it. At least not straight to my face.

My obsession with Maison Louis Marie perfume oils + the fragrances has been going strong for a little over a year now. There are a few to choose from so you have to see what you like and if it compliments your chemistry. Trust me you’ll find the perfect one. Honestly, there isn’t one I don’t like but some I like more than others.

I love Maison Louis Marie for their longevity as they last all day. Just when I think I don’t smell it on me anymore I get asked what I’m wearing. Love it when that happens. They remind me of the Tom Ford perfume collection. I don’t feel that the Tom Ford fragrances have the same lasting power – the Maison Louis Marie perfume oils definitely out weight Tom Ford from that aspect.

Each bottle contains .05 fl oz or 3 ml with a leak-proof screw top – so they make a good travel buddy.

The Maison Louis Marie Perfume Oil Discovery set is a cult favorite.  Maison Louis Marie perfume oil discovery set includes our 5 best seller fragrances:

No.02 Le Long Fond is a savory mixture of hinoki wood accord underlined by notes of cedarwood and patchouli with a strong amber character.

No.04 Bois de Balincourt is a sandalwood fragrance with a dominant cedarwood and sandalwood accord supplemented by a spicy cinnamon nutmeg complex and an earthy vetiver note.

No.05 Kandilli features tropical tuberose accorded with a white lily background over a warm amber sandalwood base.

No.09 Vallee de Farney is a woody, mineral fragrance. The top note is a citrus accord of grapefruit, orange, and black pepper enhanced by cedarwood and patchouli.

Andris Cassis begins with a black pepper note enhanced by bergamot and black currant. Strong green notes develop over a white rose base before the fragrance dries down to a warm oakmoss, tonka, and clean musk base.


The beautiful surprise is that this discovery perfume oil set retails at $48 – makes the perfect gift.  Another pleasant surprise, this is considered to be a clean product by the beauty industry standards.  Paraben, Phthalate & Sulfate free. Safflower oil contains linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid with moisturizing properties. A cruelty-free – a floral tradition since 1792.

More about the brand…

Louis Marie Aubert Du Petit Thouars was a pioneer in French botanical history who discovered over a thousand different plant species in a span of ten years. Two hundred years later Marie Du Petit Thouars began making candles and experimenting with scents in her mother’s greenhouse. Maison Louis Marie was built upon the rich and illustrious botanical history of her family with a line of luxury candles and perfumes focused on unique floral fragrances. These mindful products are made without toxic or environmentally harmful ingredients—whether naturally sourced or manmade—and are never tested on animals or made with animal-derived ingredients.

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