New Spring Pieces!

I was out and about this weekend running errands with Todd. This was really nice because during the week we are both so busy working. By the time he gets home from a full day at work we eat dinner together and then he’s pretty much ready for bed. I can’t blame him tho he is full-on from the moment he rolls out of bed till about 7pm.

My favorite part of the weekend was Todd making his special coffee – I’m not too sure how he does it but it’s so darn good!!  I don’t know about you but I literally can’t go on until I have that first sip of a fresh cup of Joe. Yum! After that, we got ready for the day and drove to Estero where the Miromar Outlets are located. I really like this outlet mall they have so many great stores with affordable prices. Everything is always on sale and you can feel like you get a great deal on anything you buy.

Originally, we went to restock Todd’s closet with basics – we do this every year around this time. What better place than the outlets to do this, right?? He bought tons of socks, undies, undershirts, long sleeve tops, and a few pairs of shoes. Let’s just say, he scored! I made it out pretty happy too – I snagged a couple of dresses that will be fabulous for our upcoming trip to Savannah. I can’t wait to style those! I also picked up some of these leggings here from Aerie that are super soft and remind me a lot of the Align leggings from Lululemon except with a lighter price tag.  Some other stores we shopped, American Eagle, Abercrombie, Cole Haan, H&M, Johnson & Murphy just to give you an idea of what we enjoy.

This is the cutest spring dress!!  I got it in my true size medium and the length is perfect for me (I’m 5’4″). I have to be careful when it comes to length because it can make me look short and stumpy if it’s too long.  If it’s too short it makes me look like I’m trying too hard at 42.  Do you know what I mean??  To be honest, I should have steamed it out a bit before snapping the photos because it would have made it lay better on my body.  Oh well! Overall, the print and the fit of the dress are so nice and easy to style.  Here I paired it with a closet staple, a mule heel that is comfy and can go with so many outfits because of its neutral color.   

Florals are a big hit during the spring season and this sage green color gives me all the feels.  My favorite part of this dress is the smocking that goes through the bodice of the dress.  It makes it supportive and it looks really flattering on just about anyone.  Again the length is great and pairing it with these mules elongates the leg, who doesn’t like that??  Definitely happy with this one!

Colorful graphic sweatshirts are a must at springtime and this one drew me in quickly.  After all, Venice is one of my favorite cities to visit during the early summer months.  Gosh, it’s so pretty there and the views are breathtaking!  Have you been?  The inside of this sweatshirt is a thin fleece material so it can be a layering piece or if it is not too cold outside can be worn alone.  I think it’s always nice to have easy pieces like this to just throw on and go but still feel stylish or put together.

These shorts are such a great pair to have if you are a fan of comfort.  They say curvy on the tag but they cling to your body.  They are super duper stretchy and I would definitely get your true size.  As they stretch out even more after wearing them a while.  If you follow along in my Instagram stories you’ll know I bought a size 10 normally I’m size 6.  I will be exchanging them later today for the correct size.  My whole thought on these was to have them fit a little larger to fit over a swimsuit while at the beach or hanging by the pool.  Nope, they are too forgiving for that!  Definitely, a pair I will wear a lot tho!


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