Our Valentine’s Day….

Cupcakes I ordered from a friend for Todd, Jasmine & Erica.
Cupcakes I ordered from a friend for Todd, Jasmine & Erica.

Our Valentine’s Day was very special even though we didn’t go over the top this year.  I think life is so unusual in the fact that you never know how each year will go.  Things change, and life takes you in so many different directions.  I am still debating if I like that about life or if that is in fact what makes life so fun.  My life in particular.

Valentine’s Day has always been a day where Todd and I celebrate each other and we try to make it really fun each year.  This year as you may or may not know I started focusing more on my body products trying to get it going.  Since I’ve been working on my body product formulas since 2009, being interrupted by many obstacles in between, I wanted to give it a go again.  I actually never quit or stopped.  I just put it on the back burner till my life became more stable for me to move forward with the whole idea again.  I have to say I grow more confidence each time, with that being said, I am really happy at the pace my business is going.  One of the elements of trying to get my body products up and running is selling at the Farmer’s Market each Saturday morning.  It is only a four hour market, but it’s enough for me to educate people about my products and sell some at the same time.  Since Valentine’s Day was on a Friday and I was working early Saturday, I knew I didn’t have much room for a late night.  So we kept it casual, and dined in at Ruth Chris Steak House which is one of our favorites places.  Yes, I know it’s a chain restaurant, but we love it.  You can always be guaranteed a juicy, flavorful steak with really great choices of sides too.  Can’t go wrong.  We don’t always does this either, just on special occasions – like 2/14.

In keeping with the whole casual yet somewhat classy look this is what I wore:

IMG_0002 (copy)On my face, I went with a luminizing-glowy look, toping it off with a little bit of color from my Bobby Brown blush palette using Apricot (the middle color).  I also used Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze all over my lid and Virgin in my crease from the U.D. Naked palette (blending it out with Mac 224 brush).  I contoured the sides of my face with Soleil Tan De Chanel using my Sigma F-84 brush.

IMG_0013 (copy)On my lips, I applied Hourglass Nude No. 5 and added Mac LustreGlass in Instant Gold on top.  This gave my lips more shine in a natural way.  Swatches below:

IMG_0012 (copy)

I kept it simple and classic by wearing a dress that I bought at Target a few weeks ago for $22.99.  It was stretchy and fit to the body very nicely.  The material was soft and comfortable with a flowy effect.  One of the details I love the most was the black fish net at the top (not quite fish net but wasn’t sure what to call it).  It gave the look a twist of edginess.  

IMG_0005 (copy)I paired the dress with these heels I found at Love Culture for $19.99.  They are soooo light, and very comfortable to walk in – no pain what so ever.

IMG_0003 (copy)

IMG_0006 (copy) IMG_0008 (copy)

My accessories were very simple as well, with gold earrings and a patterned bangle.  Since there was a pattern already in the dress I didn’t want to overpower it with accessories.  As for my hair (not pictured – sorry about that), I used gloss drops by Paul Mitchell, and went in with my Chi to straighten it all over for a chic look.

Well that was my look on Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoyed the post.  I hope all of you had a fantastic love day, as I know there are many people out there who are not in relationships.  I believe that you don’t have to be in a relationship to celebrate V-day.  Just grab a great best friend, mom,  or whoever, and celebrate life.  After all, life is too short not to celebrate every given opportunity to celebrate.






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