The Perfect Essentials…

To get through anything in life, there are 3 things that every girl needs to survive:


1. The white tee: I love this one by L.L. Bean… I know what you are thinking $20 for a white tee?  Hear me out.  You will get a lot of wear out of this tee – like 3x a week.  This one is great quality and will last a lot longer than those from your run-to stores.  I PROMISE this one will be a great investment.

boyfriend jeans

2. Broken in boyfriend jeans: If holes in your jeans isn’t your cup of tea, they are sold without the holes too.  I personally love the holes.  Maybe it’s the look, maybe it’s the ventilation.  Let’s keep guessing on that one.  It just gives the perfect look for grunge, relaxed, or even a dressed up look.  I think this pair by Chicnova is perfect!!

Fort Myers-20120810-00048-1

3. A pair of daughters you call your best friends & feel like little sisters: Insert Jasmine & Erica Porras.   Not only are they my daughters, but they help me run my household.  This can include anything from deciding on home decor, helping decide whether or not I should go to spin class,  and making me laugh just when I think life can’t get any more frustrating.  This is important!

Thanks for visiting me today!!!
Thanks for visiting me today!!!





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