Night Time Skin Care Routine

These are all the products I use at night.
These are all the products I use at night.

I feel really strongly about skin care and the routine part of it all.  There are so many great products to aid many different skin types & issues.  As I look back, oh let’s say a couple of years, I have changed up my skin care routine quite a lot.  This should tell you something.  I feel the biggest misconception about skin care products is having high expectations for “over night” changes in their skin.  This is what I like to call a miracle – but not reality.  Unless you get some sort of plastic surgery from consider Erick Sanchez, MD Plastic Surgery,  you will see “over night” changes in your skin or looks.  Now that I think about it, not even with plastic surgery because there is a healing process in which it will take time to see the real results.  Which may be good or really, and I mean really bad.  You know this.

I believe what throws us all off when it comes to deciding on the products to buy for our skin regimen is the wide range of choices.  There are lotions for this, cleansers for that, and exfoliants that do this, that, and the other….  We tend to ask ourselves so many questions that we get so overwhelmed with the whole idea.  For most, we give up and stick to bar soap.  No, please don’t resort to bar soap.  It doesn’t matter what they use to do in the old fashioned days.  Bar soap isn’t good for your skin – not even Lever.  Lol….

As with everything in my life, I like to keep it simple, especially, skin care.  I also like to use the products for about a month or a little longer.  This allows me to see if the chemistry is there or not.  Yes, I know, it’s a process but when you get it right – you’ll be really happy.  So will your skin.  Let me share with you what I use for my night skin care routine (my morning skin care routine will follow in another post).  Let’s get started…

First off, I like to wipe my face clean using a Ponds makeup remover wipe.  This is great for taking off your the first layers of makeup – it is not a good one for anything waterproof.  I’ve tried.  Next, I like to go in with a really good gel facial cleanser by Glo Therapeutics.  This particular cleanser is great for keeping your pores clean, gentle exfoliation, and corrects texture & skin tone over time.  It also keeps your skin hydrated so you don’t get that dry – tight feeling after cleansing.  I love it so far.  I typically apply it first onto the skin without water to dissolve the remaining makeup.  Then, I add water slowly with my finger tips until I see the foaming action.  I also use the Clarisonic Mia from time to time, but I do have mixed feelings as I’ve been told it just moves things around on your face.  Still deciding.

Purchase Glo Therapeutics Gel Cleanser here.

IMG_0152 (copy)

After that, I  use a fruit acid by Origins.  Which looks like this:

IMG_0157 (copy)This is awesome for exfoliating your face and opening your pores so they can breath.  This also contains 30% glycolic so it will brighten and even out your skin tone & texture.  I use this every third night as part of my night time skin care routine.  Purchase here.  I have been using this for about three months now and have noticed positive results.

I wait about three minutes or so, then, I mix together some Tretinoin .25% (Retin A) and Skin Medica Vitamin C + E Complex.  I apply a dot of the mixture to each cheek, forehead area, nose, and chin area.  I rub it in using circular motions.  This is great for plumping, minimizing pores & fine lines, and cell turn over for a more vibrant feel.  You might see peeling from time to time but that’s okay.  This is your cells turning over.   A sign that it’s working!  Tretinoin is a prescription and can be written by any dermatologist or doctor.

Purchase Skin Medica Vitamin C + E Complex here.

IMG_0158 (copy)

IMG_0144 (copy)Once that has absorbed nicely into my skin I apply my eye treatment.  I alternate between Bobby Brown Hydrating Eye Cream & Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum.  Ever since I have added the overnight serum to my under eye area I’ve noticed it becoming more hydrated and less tired looking.  This is what we want or at least this is what I am striving for my under eye area.  My dark circles have also diminished dramatically.  This serum can also be used all over the face but I feel it’s too oily for me for the face.

IMG_0146 (copy)

Purchase Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum here.

Purchase Bobby Brown Hydrating Eye Cream here.

After the eye treatment, I like to go in with Perricone MD Blue Plasma which is known for giving the skin luminosity & unveiling new skin.  It rids the skin of debris that clog pores, and hydrates using hydro-fusion to rebalance incorporating enriched water.  Once that is soaked up, I apply Perricone MD Concentrate Restorative Treatment.  This helps to improve skin’s elasticity, and visibly diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while firming and toning the skin to reveal a radiant and healthy looking complexion.  Smells wonderful too!

Purchase Blue Plasma here.

Purchase Concentrate Restorative Treatment here.

That is everything for my night time skin care routine.  I know it probably looks like a lot of products, but I promise, it takes less than five minutes.  No biggie.  Advice to you, know your skin type, use great products, and do your research.  If you are not loyal to a night time skin care routine, start with a few products like: cleanser, eye cream, and serum.  I prefer a serum at night over a moisturizer cream.  I just feel like your skin will benefit so much more.  Especially, since this is the time when your skin recovers & regenerates itself.

Let me know what is working for you at the moment.  Like I said before, I like to change it up so hearing about other products will open my eyes to new ventures in my skin care.  Have a good one!

I leave you with the positive quote of the day:

Dream big! Think big! Keep motivated!!
Dream big! Think big! Keep motivated!!





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