Review: LivingProof No Frizz Line

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One of my favorite beauty brands is Livingproof. No, it’s not because I love Jennifer Aniston or because it is brilliantly packaged in my favorite color – gray.  I honestly believe in the brand and what they deliver.  When I heard that they had a “No Frizz” line coming out – I was so excited.  Like jumping on my new sofas in my house excited.  If you watch my videos – which you should because they are pretty candid and what you see is what you get.  Did I mention, they’re pretty funny and will turn your day around if your day isn’t quite peachy?  Anyway, in my latest vlog I filmed the whole unboxing of the LP products that were sent to me by Emily.  If you’re reading this now – HI EMILY!  We basically went over my hair type and how it can sometimes be unmanageable – especially with extensions.  Emily thought the best products for me to try would be those from the “No Frizz” line.  She was right.  I put them to work right away, and it made my styling process a lot easier.  I also noticed less frizz especially while on the beach or even riding along on a scooter on an island (check out that story here).

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I started off by washing my luscious locks in this duo which smells so nice.  A little goes a long way with these products so a full-size bottle will last.  I don’t know about you, but my hair is thick and long at the moment.  I typically have to go for a half dollar amount of shampoo and conditioner.  That’s not the case here, as a quarter size amount was just fine.  Check out more on these products here.

This weightlessly hydrating formula gently cleanses & conditions the hair and effectively blocks humidity for truly sleek locks. Its key ingredient, PolyfluoroEster, creates an invisible shield on the hair to lock in moisture-proof smoothness and repel dirt and oil, so you can go longer between washes to break the frizz and damage cycle.

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While my hair was still wet I run about a quarter size amount of the LP No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream.  Check out more on that here.  This product smells wonderful, and it is what tames every strand of hair.  Your blow dry time is literally cut in half.  I highly recommend this product if you have thick or coarse hair.  You need this one in your life.  For travel or trial purposes, you can purchase the LP No Frizz Freedom Trio, $10 here.

  • weightlessly blocks humidity 70% better than silicones and oils
  • nourishes and provides optimum moisture levels
  • keeps hair cleaner, longer

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Okay, we talk and talk about the important things in life all the time.  Yes?  Well, this product has quickly become a life staple for me. It has made “Product of the Week” on my blog (which is a big deal).  The LP No Frizz Humidity Shield is a fine misting spray that you use after you have styled your hair.  This is like the cherry on the icing type of product.  Since I’ve been using this shield my hair has no problem keeping its style.  It looks healthy like I just stepped out of the salon.  Which we all know that can be hard to accomplish.  Right?  If whatever I have just mentioned grabs your attention- you need to get your hands on this stuff fast.  I have a feeling it will be hard to keep on the shelves.  Especially, if you live in places like Florida or Texas.  Learn more about it here.

  • Provide 6x more humidity protection
  • Work on dry hair anytime, anywhere
  • Deliver a weightless with zero build-up
  • Protect against UV damage and static control (which perpetuate frizz)

I wanted to give a huge THANKS to Living Proof for sending me these products to try.  They are amazing and I appreciate the opportunity to blog about them.  Check out more on LP here.



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