1 Affordable Skirt 3 Ways: Cute Fall Looks

Happy Labor Day!  So are you one to stop wearing white after Labor Day???  I am not one of those people I wear white all year long.  Especially, living in Florida it is so appropriate as it is not a hot color to wear.

Now, that we are quickly approaching the fall season I thought a post like this was in order.  Lots of us are trying to get creative and trying to save money these days.  I love posting posts like this one!  It really helps people with inspiration + to understand they don’t have to spend a lot of money on new seasonal pieces.

This skirt is something I wasn’t sure about when I was ordering it online.  That is never surprising as I am always “not sure” about something I buy online.  Thank goodness for FREE shipping + EASY returns!

Speaking of returns, I think Nordstrom + Amazon has the easiest return policy.  That is why I enjoy shopping there often – not only are they easy with returns they also have so many affordable items all the time.  Most people are under the impression that Nordstrom is a high-end department store with expensive inventory.  They do carry high-end products + they also have so many items that are so affordable.  I recommend you check out their gifts and jewelry departments as they have a variety of options.


This skirt is definitely going to be in the rotation for fall.  What are some of your favorite fall staples in your wardrobe???  Thanks for visiting today and I hope you are able to get inspiration and love how I styled this skirt today.  Bye for now!!

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