What Sunscreen are you using???

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As I noticed the weather is quickly changing from cold to hot, back to hot again, and even hotter as we approach summer days.  One thing I have learned over the years is how important it is to protect your skin.  Especially, your face, it’s what people see first and you want to keep it looking great.  I know it’s easy to be tan because it hides imperfections – yes, I know.  This can also lead to skin damage in the long run which will be a pricey road to take if we don’t start using sunblock now.  The price for laser treatments, chemical peels, lightening creams, etc…. can cost anywhere from $4,000 – $30 for pharmaceutical grade products that will get you the results you want.  Nothing over the counter will do the trick.  At least, I haven’t run across anything yet.  Trust me, I have tried all kinds of products both on the less expensive to the high end brands.  Going from dermatologist to dermatologist just trying to get the best results for my hyper-pigmentation issues.  It’s not fun.  Its like this, when I go out in the sun I use sun block all the time.  I also re-apply every 4 hours.  If I know that I am going to be out in the sun for an all day event I try to use sunscreens with zinc oxide.  Good stuff.  Above in the picture are some very good sunscreens you’ll always find in my beach bag, purse, or in my car:

sunscreen twoDermalogica is one of my favorite skin lines ever.  I love the way they smell, feel, and the results of the products. They use lots of natural ingredients, and have something for all skin types.  The packaging is designed so intelligently with clean wording, white backgrounds, and straight to the point instruction.  Love it!!!  I will say although I love this sunscreen, it does not go very well with makeup.  I usually use this when I’m at the beach or going for a long run on Mcgregor Road.  It is kind of thick, at the same time, it does make your face feel moisturized and refreshed.  I also use this as a night time moisturizer after being out all day in the sun.  This is just once in a while and not apart of my daily night time face routine.  You can buy it a Ulta, Sephora, or online.  Sells for approximately $40.

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This is the sunscreen Obagi includes in their starter kit.  It is pretty amazing!  One of the ingredients is zinc oxide which is something I always look for in a sunscreen – that I use.  I feel it gives more protection literally. Sometimes I feel like my face got NO sun what so ever when I use zinc.

It smells so fresh & clean, and most of all, I can apply foundation on top and it will look normal.  Meaning, it won’t take on that oily look that most sunscreens leave. You can usually purchase this online or at any dermatologist office that sells Obagi products.  Sells for approximately $40.

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Kiehl’s Ultra LIght Daily UV Defense is phenomenal.  Let’s just say I have a few of these bottles laying around – everywhere.  I use it during the day, at night, in the morning when I wake up as a moisturizer.  Love, love, love.  First thing about this product I love, its SPF 50.  Second thing I love, when you apply it to your face you will not feel sticky or feel the product at all once it absorbs into your skin.  Makeup can easily be applied on top without smudging, smearing, sweating, etc….  I almost want to say it acts like a primer because it does feel like it keeps your makeup in tacked for a long time.  Sells for approximately $40.  Will last a long time – total worth it.

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Clarins SPF 30 Sun Stick is so awesome to have by your side for sure.  It is so convenient in that the product rolls up from the bottle, which means you don’t get any of the product on your hands – YAY.  It has narrow edges so you can easily apply it to your face in areas that are hard to reach.  Not only that, this sunscreen smells so pretty, fresh, and clean – girly…mmmm.  Typically, you can smell the sunscreen somewhere in products but not with this sun stick.  Which I find is a really nice touch.  Definitely, sets them apart from others in the line up.  Clarins also has a really good sunless bronzer that is like in the top 5 best sellers in the world.  Check that out.  This sun stick sells for approximately $26.  I buy mine at the Clarins counter at Macy’s.

Guys for the most part, I really feel it is important to save your face from all the harsh rays that the sun provides us with.  I hope this has helped you get ahead with what I find to be some of the best products when it comes to sunscreen.  I want to make sure you understand that I do feel that the body needs to be protected too.  Remember that your face needs a sunscreen specified for the chemistry of YOUR face.  Learn about your skin.  What sunscreen are your using this year?  I want you to introduce me it:)

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