Top 10 Skincare Under $50

Top 10 Skincare under $50

Skincare is something that I’m asked about all the time.  I often say I use this or I use that, but in all honesty, I never really get to share exactly what has worked for me.  Some think you must spend an arm and a leg on the perfect skincare products.  That is not true at all.  Although I have spent a fortune on skincare, there are many other choices that have worked wonders for my skin too.  Yes, some of them are locally found at your drugstore.

You have to remember that we are talking about our skin. 

It’s not always easy – our skin is complex.  

I remember the first time I stepped foot into a dermatologist’s office.  She was an amazing dermatologist and was very knowledgeable about skin.  It was all very interesting learning about my skin and what would work and what might not work.  It’s a gamble.  I ended up leaving feeling overwhelmed and over-drafting in my bank account.  The doctor suggested I buy eight different products that I HAD to BUY.  Never feel obligated.

I include my lips as part of my skincare regimen.

This is the main reason I thought this post would be beneficial.  So many of us are overwhelmed, frustrated, and lost when it comes to skincare.  I am not a doctor of any science but I have tried a lot of skincare products.  I feel confident that what I share will help you out a little.  My hope is it will help you out a lot.  Given that my own skin journey has had its ups and downs – I am loving my skin now.  It took battling back and forth between what products to use, diet, etc… Of course, I’ll share my diet and extras in another post.  The skincare I am recommending today is very affordable retailing $50 or under, and easily accessible.

I always suggest to start with the main skin issue.  Is the skin, dry? acne prone? aging skin?  From there, a skincare regimen can be tailored.  Please keep in mind that skin doesn’t change overnight – it takes time and consistency.  Last but definitely not least, for anyone on a fixed budget may want to start with 3 products: cleanser, moisturizer (preferably with SPF), and a serum.  A simple regimen that incorporates those main products you’ll be off to a good start.   Cheers to happy + healthy skin.


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