The Cutest Pajama Sets

I live in Florida and it can get hot during the spring + summer months.  Literally,  I wish I could rip all of my clothes off and walk around naked.  Since I have a respectful husband and two daughters that I don’t want to freak out…I try to keep my clothes on as much as possible.  When I am home and I don’t need to be all dressed up I love hanging out in my p.j’s.  It’s comfortable and I can be do all the things around the house without feeling constricted.  I also love how p.j’s can be lite and airy which is so nice.  Since it gets really hot here in Florida, I try to buy breathable + comfortable pajama sets.  I am always on the hunt for the perfect ones – also because I love having a variety to interchange.  If I had to decide between short or pant sets?  I’d say I love short sets a lot!!  Its a no brainer for me as I am warm blooded by nature and am always hot.  Maybe it’s a Hispanic thing – still trying to figure that one out.  In the fall + winter time of the year, I do gravitate towards pant set quite a bit.

See-through much?

One thing that irritates me when it comes to pajamas is that some are see-through.  I can’t have that in my life…with my luck, the UPS or FedEx guys will drop off packages and I’m in something where you can totally see my areolas.  I don’t think so, that would totally be embarrassing.  I would have to quit life and I like living my life just fine.  By the way, has that ever happened to you?  It’s okay we’re all friends here…lol.

I’ve waited long enough and it is time that I share some of my favorite pajamas with you.  If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for a good ole pair of p.j’s.



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