Table makeover using chalk paint

!st chalk paint project collageHi Everyone!  I am so excited to share with you one amazing discovery while shopping at my local GoodWill Store.  Yes… making all thing beautiful times 3!!!  Ahhh….where do I start???  Well, I was at a local GoodWill Store looking for some vintage vases for my new home.  I love flowers, and I think they make a home look so cozy yet very dainty.  The only thing, I needed vases to display them all.  Yeah, about that, I didn’t find any vases, not even modern ones.  What I did find was this end table that quickly became an inspiration for a first time chalk paint project.  I was really going back and forth in my mind, because as you can see in the picture before I painted it, the piece already had a little bit of charm.  Plain english….wear & tear.  Here are some pictures that will take you through my journey with chalk paint.

DSCN0751I highly recommend you use all of these tools in the picture above.  It is totally worth the investment and will make your project a lot easier. I also used an old T-shirt that I had laying around the house for the wax process.  You will see as I go on.  The chalk paint color is Duck Egg (a very pretty blue, aqua green color); Annie Sloan clear wax; Annie Sloan wax brush (OMG! Made my life a lot easier); Purdy 3″ Angled Paint Brush (recommend angled brush for smaller areas, nooks, and crannies), 100 grit sand paper block (not pictured), and drop cloth of any kind. Can also be an old sheet you don’t use any more or newspaper will work too (again, not pictured).

I wanted to mention that I did purchase all of the Annie Sloan products I used in this project from a local furniture boutique here in Fort Myers, Florida.  To check them out click here: Savvy Posh

I purchased my Purdy 3″ angled paint brush, and 100 grit sand block from Lowes.  I had the drop cloth and t-shirt.

DSCN0754Before I forget, I wanted to show you the price tag of the end table.  When I was at the counter paying for the table they actually deducted 15% more from the price.  I was so excited, the whole idea was getting better and better.  In all honesty, these things do happen and far too often.  Deals like this are only within arms reach.  When you go and look you will find them!!!

before pics collageThis is what the end table looked like before I painted it Duck egg.  I don’t know about you, but I still see the charm in this piece even before painting it.  Do you?  Oh well, it has a whole lot of PERSONALITY now for sure.  Remember, I didn’t prime or sand before I painted.  That is what’s so fabulous about Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint, you don’t have to do any of that.  All I did do before painting, I wiped both the inside and all around the outside of the piece with a damp cloth.  That’s it!!!

DSCN0755Next, I used the 100 grit sand paper block to sand all the areas I wanted to look distressed.  After I achieved the look I wanted, I used a dry paint brush to brush off any excess sand dust (not sure of the proper name at the moment).  Then, I used that same damp cloth as before to wipe off any excess sand, dirt, etc…  You have to make sure your piece is thoroughly clean because when you wax your piece it will show making it very noticeable.   After that, I applied two coats of wax, and three coats on the very top of the end table (for extra durability).  When applying my clear wax, I used the wax brush by Annie Sloan (which I bought at SavvyPosh her in Fort Myers).  Then, I used an old t-shirt to wipe off excess wax.  For this step, make sure you work in small areas until you cover the entire piece.  It tends to dry and get tacky, which doesn’t make the “wipe off ” process very manageable.   They say you never know what your piece will look like and that’s what gives it, it’s unique individuality.  They are right because it looks so different and beautiful then before I painted it.

DSCN0759This is a top view, again, I didn’t want to much distressing on the top.  This is my first project so I was a little conservative with my actions if you know what I mean.  The truth is, the sky is the limit, you can distress how ever little or much you want.  Make it your own design.

DSCN0760Here is a side view, sorry about the lighting.  I love using natural light for all my photos, but on this day, there was over cast and rain.  I think it still looks gorgeous.

DSCN0758 I also changed the knobs!  I found these at Cost World Market, or World Market, or maybe it’s Cost Market????  Do you ever get confused by their name?  I do, because on some of their bags it reads Cost World Market, on the store signage it reads World Market, and on their outdoor light up sign it reads Cost Market.  Go figure.  Anyway, that’s where I bought these vintage looking knobs which I feel adds more charm to this end table.  Let’s call her Lucy.  Growing up as a child, my mom and I would always watch the I love Lucy Show.  Loved it!!!  She was so funny, charming, and very beautiful – her face always reminded me of porcelain.  What a legacy.

Well, I have been waiting for weeks to post this on my blog.  I’m kind of having sad feelings that it’s all said and done – literally!  I will be on the hunt for more things to make beautiful times 3!!!  Who’s with me??


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