Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Her!!!

stockingstufferCollageIn my latest video, you’ll see I am talking about all kinds of really great stocking stuffer ideas for her.  I didn’t include any ideas for him because I figure it’s the guys that have more trouble deciding on what to buy.  Women in general are pretty creative and decisive on what to buy for their loved ones.  Aren’t we?  I actually have my stocking stuffer video posted on my home page of my blog so please go check that out.  I will also be posting more ideas on my instagram (Daintyfemme), as I work my way towards finishing my own Christmas shopping.  I have also added some coupon codes to help you get more bang for your buck!!

Here we go:

pBBW1-17030801v600Bath and Body Works has a really awesome deal going on 5 for $15 on all of their hand sanitizer products.  These little guys smell amazing and are petite enough to throw into a stocking.  In my circle of beautiful girlfriends, there isn’t one who wouldn’t like this.

Purchase here!

Coupon Code: RMNDEC13


While we are hearing about all the weather differences across America we can help but think “warm?”  Right?  Well, Bath and Body Works also has these cute and cuddly socks that will not blow your socks off.  Economically speaking that is.  They are so affordable and will be a perfect addition to your Christmas day.

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Bath and Body Works coupon code here: F139765 (online only)

brushEvery girl who is into makeup isn’t complete without a set of her own makeup brushes.  I personally love brushes from Sigma.  You really can’t go wrong with brushes from Sephora & MAC.  If you are on a small budget this year you can check out Real Techniques brushes at Ulta.  They are also great.  The set shown above is a great started set you can buy at Sephora.

Purchase Sigma brushes here! Coupon Code: Dec2013 at checkout

Purchase Sephora brushes here! Coupon Code below – keep reading!

Purchase Ulta brushes here! Coupon Code: 101969


Very Bradley came out with this really cool design for a travel coffee cup.  You can choose from a variety of designs and they are chic & trendy this time of year.

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Coupon Code: AAAMEMBER

images (1)If your girl likes glamour and luxurious gifts – this one is for here!!  Velour Lashes are the newest hit in the eyelash industry.  Made from Mink and hold up for about 25 uses – this is the perfect luxury items must have.  They are easy to apply and look so natural while giving you the added glam.

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Velour Coupon Code: CARLIVELOUR15 for 15% off.

p228913-pkg-01-heroI don’t know how much I have mentioned this little guy but it needs to be a part of your life.  Applies your makeup and concealer on to your face for a flawless finish.  You can then go back with the same blender and apply powder to set those areas that you feel necessary.  A one stop tool for the majority of your makeup routine.  Give it a try!

Purchase here!

Coupon Code here: YOURGIFT

(when you spend $25 or more at Sephora)

39690_nakedbasicsThis Naked Basics Palette is great for those women who travel.  This palette can easily give you a daytime or night look.  Each eyeshadow is buttery, highly pigmented, and very blend-able.

Purchase here!

I hope my stocking stuffer guide has given you a few ideas of what she may love this year!  Trust me she will love it!!!  Make sure to try those coupon codes I provided to keep more in your pocket book this year!!!

Thanks for visiting me today!!!
Thanks for visiting me today!!!





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