Spring Trends 2019 Under $50

Hi guys and happy Tuesday!!!  I am sharing all kinds of Spring trends for 2019 under $50.  What I include today is not going to break the bank and you won’t have to hide anything from your husband, I  promise!!  I am super excited to see these types of trends this season and I’m sure it will carry over well into summer.  Here’s the deal, be prepared to see lots of rainbows, clear handbags, bright colored earrings, puffy shoulders, polka dots, and pretty pastel colors.  Lavender, pink, coral, turquoise, mint, hot pink, yellow…you get it.

When I was a little girl colorful things appealed to me and made me happy.  I know this sounds cliché but its the honest to God truth.  Today if you browse my Instagram page @ninamarieblogs or watch some of my YouTube videos you’ll notice lots of colorfulness.  The funny thing is that in the fall season I transition back to my love for black + white.  It takes me back to the Jackie Kennedy days or Audrey Hepburn era.  I get a lot of my inspiration through women like them and I admire them so much.  My mom in so many ways also reminds me of a classic woman from the ’40s + ’50s.  She was a stay at home mom so dressing up wasn’t something she did very often.  It wasn’t until recently, she is really allowing herself to shine.  She dresses up all the time and matches her outfits just like they did back in the ’50s.  She goes dancing at least once a week and has a true love for her rose garden.  The girls and I get a ton of laughs when we see my mom walking around the house with pink sponge rollers.  I will never quite understand how simple pink sponge rollers can create such a masterpiece hairdo.  Yes?  I’m in the wrong business…lol.

Back to spring trends…

A lot of these pieces that I posted are on major sale…some are in limited sizes + colors…if you like it grab it.  Enjoy shopping and I’m so glad you stopped by today!!!  Also, if you know of any trends that I left out please share them with us.  Bye!


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