Rosh Hashanah a Daintyfemme’s Way….


Every year since Todd and I moved in together we have been putting our own rendition on Rosh Hashanah.  For those of you that don’t know what that is, it is the celebration of the New Year.  You can read more about it here.  I always have said (in my own mind) that Todd married the perfect person, because I often like to embrace all holidays.  It doesn’t really matter from what culture – I think life should be celebrated.  To be fair, I actually like what Rosh Hashanah means and the traditions behind it too.  I also have to add how I have been really enjoying how Todd and I commingle our families traditions & cultures very nicely.  There are so many times I hear of families not being able to do that successfully.  I wish those families can make it through okay, as I do understand how it could be difficult.  Some of us are lucky – I guess.

I wanted to share some of the few details from our dinner – it was really yummy.  If you don’t know me, I will fill you in on how I like to do things when it comes to holidays.  My whole mindset goes like this, “we live once so let’s make it as good as we can make it”.  I love living by this saying because it gives us a solid foundation for life.  I’m sure you have your own that you live by.  Right?  Often, people think I spend lots of money or time on events that we put together.  Let the truth be told, I am a penny pincher and think simplicity is key.  If I stick to those two things I don’t get overwhelmed nor do I go overboard.  The result, a nice evening with some really sweet touches.  After all, it’s all about building memories and teaching our children what we know today.  That’s with anything, religion, education, etiquette, culture, the list goes on…

Well let me stop rambling and get to the pictures.



I found this candelabra at Home Goods last summer for a really good price.  It is a dark metal and very heavy.  It houses 9 candles.  For this occasion I used 4 votive holders for the rose bouquets.  I bought 24 long stemmed roses at Costco for $16.  Such a beautiful color for the fall season.


This is what the candelabra looked like once I lit the tea lights.  It create a romantic ambiance – sweet.


I used some plastic picture frames that I purchased at Wal-Mart last year (they still have them in stock) for place cards.  I typed the names in Word on the PC, then, printed them out.  I cut them to fit perfectly into each frame.  I believe the size was 3×5 or something like that.  This small detail added sophistication to the table that I really enjoyed.




The plates I had from a long time ago.  I mix and matched them not caring too much about a color or theme.  Do you see the table runner?  It was an old curtain hanging in Erica’s room when we lived in the high rise condo last year.  It was perfect!





The napkin rings were a gift from my mom.  She said she bought them at an estate sale and there’s a slight chance they are vintage.  Not sure though.  The cloth napkins are from Pier 1 – $4.95 each.  The place mats were a steal from T.J. Maxx, 6 for $3.99.  I love that they look like a fancy burlap material without all the fall out.  If you’ve worked with burlap before – you know it is a messy job



Here’s is what was on the menu for the evening.  The roast was so juicy.  I rubbed seasoning all over the roast.  Then, we seared it on the grill for about 7 minutes each side.  After, we put it in the oven at 325 degrees for 1 hour 20 minutes.  As for the sides, we went with asparagus, gluten-free/dairy free mac n’ cheese, and rosemary potatoes (forgot to photograph em’ – oops), challah bread, and gluten-free/dairy free red velvet donuts.

Who made what:

Roast: Todd & Me; Asparagus & Potatoes: Me; Mac n’ Cheese: Jasmine; Red Velvet Donuts: Erica.  Everything else not mentioned was bought already made.










Oh yeah!  Before I forget, for any of you who might be new to the whole Rosh Hashanah holiday.  I found a website that helped walk us through the evening dinner ritual.  You can check it out here. The print outs above are from the the same link.

Overall, I thought this year was better than last’s years Rosh Hasanah.  I feel more and more settled with our family & our family’s traditions.  We are finally in our home and not renting anymore.  Our children are turing out really beautiful & smart.  What more could I ask for?  Well, I guess I would add that I wish my family lived closer so they could join us.  One day….one day….

XoXo...Now, go have a special day!!!





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