No more puffy eyes!

Collagen Eye Patches

It’s the worst when puffiness takes over your morning skin care routine. Would you agree? Or do you have an issue with this at all? I understand that drinking plenty of water has a little to do with it, but when I drink tons of water, then what? I can understand the casual puffiness because I overslept or maybe because the wine was going down way too smoothly the night before. Life happens y’all. Well, I have been trying out lots of eye remedy products lately. Some I have fallen head over heels because they work like magic. Other products I’ve tried, I am still kicking myself in the rear because they were crap in a box.

I am excited to share this with you today, because I know how annoying puffiness under the eye area can be. Especially, when you are applying your NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – $29, and it looks weird from the start. Yep, that’s one thing that under eye makeup will not cover or conceal – puffiness.  Back to my spiel on eye puffiness remedies.  After lots of trial and no good for nothing error, I have found a few products that really work, but won’t break the bank.  Well, some might depending on your financial situation.  Lucky you, I have found some that fit anyone’s budget no matter what.

What eye products have you been loving these days?  Let me in on it!


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