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IMG_1054It’s Saturday, and I just got back from Yom Kippur Services.  What a beautiful service by the way.  I also have to say that I am not Jewish but my husband Todd is.  We are very supportive of each others cultural diversities.  We feel it makes life more interesting and also helps us understand each other better.  Ever found yourself in a similar situation?  Sometimes its better to run with the bulls than stay behind and try to crush the tomatoes – as you will.

The Rabbi was so passionate and made lots of valid points.  Never did I stop and think to myself, “when is this going to be over?”  One thing that really touched me on an emotional level is how the world breaks us at some point in our life.  I found that super interesting.  He also spoke about losing his 7 year old son to a brain tumor (he would of been 33 today).  This totally changed his direction of thinking into a more realistic approach.  Can you relate?

The message, was to convey that even though the world can break us its how we come out of it that truly matters.  Some of us choose to stay down and never get back up again.  Some of us choose to get up so fast and hit the ground running not matter the pain.  Some of us choose to take a few months and then get back up.  The reality is our choices are what makes us who we are today.   Choices can also change who we’re going to be tomorrow.  His kind words encouraged me today.  I only wish I could have shook his hand and introduced myself.  If you can only imagine sort of like being in a foreign place – it wasn’t that easy.

As for what I wore to the service was a little different than those at the temple down the street.  I went with a more fashionable approach – instead of the typical dress pants & jacket.

Dress: Express Lace Cap Sleeve Sheath Dress $39.99 (ON SALE NOW – reg. $88)

Handbag: Coach Phoebe Sand $149.99

Bracelet: Pave Link Bracelet $39.95 

Earrings: Lion Head Doorknocker Studs $7.50

Shoes: Gianni Bini Gayle Leather Platform Pump Nude $79.99

A little inspiration for you – hopefully.  Thanks for stopping by:)  For those of you who may still be fasting, “happy fasting.”  Shalom!




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