PicMonkey Collage.jpgI woke up thinking to myself, “I want to be casual and chic today.”  So I did what most people do and threw on some boyfriend jeans, and a Cabi lace top.  Why boyfriend jeans?  I felt they were the most casual.  Why a Cabi top?  That’s an easy question.  Cabi clothing make all women feel chic.

In some of the pictures you’ll see the amazing detail in top.  It is one of my favorite pieces right now because it seriously can be worn in many clothing combinations.  You can find the Needle Lace Shell top from Cabi Clothing here, and here, $98.  I also loved the accessories that I paired with this O.O.T.D.  I will keep it real, I am not one for piling on the accessories.  I am one who feels that a few really meaningful statements is all you need.  That’s me though – I know many fashionistas who sport tons of accessories fabulously.

IMG_0500 (copy)



My earrings are from Charming Charlie $8 in a pewter gold color.
IMG_0499 (copy)

This necklace is from Dillard’s and is called Anna & Ava Fan Fave Multi Rhinestone Necklace $35.

IMG_0498 (copy)

I love this coral color and I think it is perfect for Spring.  I wore this color a lot last Spring 13′, and it just made me feel confident and vibrant.  I sporting the Coach 15113 Ashley Geranium Leather Carryall Handbag $310, with gold hardware.

IMG_0501 (copy)My oh so very comfortable boyfriend jeans are from J. Crew, Vintage Straight Jean in Abbott wash $168.  Love, love, love these jeans.  They are very soft, and I am really enjoying how distressed they look.  They also have a little stretch to them so when you move around the jeans go with the flow.  They are definitely loose fitting in all the right areas.

IMG_0505 (copy)


IMG_0502 (copy)


Okay, let’s talk about the shoes.  I purchased these wedge shoes from the lovely and affordable H&M, $34.95.  I apologize that they are currently sold out online, but I will include the link anyway here.  Incase, you want to keep checking.

IMG_0503 (copy)

courtesy of H&M
courtesy of H&M

Well, I guess that is everything for my O.O.T.D.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I know it’s not something I do on a daily basis, but I do love fashion.  I would like to incorporated more on Thursday blog days, ya know?  Actually, I would like to incorporate more interior & fashion on my Thursday blog days.  I will see what I can come up with… Ideas?

See you soon, and if you haven’t checked out my Youtube channel you can do that here.  Some real good entertainment there for sure.







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