All you Need + a Bold Lip Color???

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Simplicity on a  daily basis isn’t such a bad thing when you use products that help you get the look you are going for.  Do you agree?  No.  You don’t have to use high-end products or go out and spend an arm and a leg on makeup.  First thing is first, we must understand that we are not like anyone else.  We are our own person, this also means one look that looks great on Ann may not look good on Joan.  Some more important questions to keep in mind:

1.) What is my skin type?

2.) What are my pores like?  Large?  Small?  Invisible?  (lucky you)

3.)What is my foundation color?  (you can blend two together to get your perfect shade)

4.) Know the difference between concealer & corrector.  As well as, the what the different color corrector do (ex: green, pink, yellow, etc…)

Moving on…

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Why I choose these products, you might be asking???

Makeup Forever HD Powder: is an excellent setting powder and is amazing for pictures too.  You will never have to worry about the white cast pictures (usually when the flash is on).  There are lots of powders that do that.  Ever looked at a picture and thought you looked really pale???  Yes, me too.  It is truly translucent and will match any skin tone.  It also has a great staying power that helps when you don’t have time to keep re-applying. Purchase here!

Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation: I actually found my perfect color match and loved that it was an oil free formula.  It also leaves a matte finish without the drying effect life other oil free foundations do.  The fact that it already comes with a pump is helpful.  MAC Cosmetics usually sell their foundations without the pump.  It’s also a full coverage formula without making your face look like you caked it on.  Applies flawlessly using a Sigma Angled Kabuki F-84 brush.  Purchase brush here!  Purchase foundation here!

S1000105 (copy)La Mer concealer in medium retailing at $70 is a winner for sure in my cosmetics bag.  One would say it is the Cadillac of all concealers with full coverage and longevity.  I use the Makeup Forever HD powder to set it and I’m good to go for hours.  It is also amazing for contouring.  For those of you with dry skin – you have to try this one.  I do know La Mer gives samples at their counter so this might be one to ask about.  Purchase here!!

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The Eyeliner Stick by Rimmel is a great tool to make your eyes look bright eyed and plain beautiful.  A simple trick for those of you who may have had a sleepless night or a hot date that never ended.  I usually apply to the inner tear duct area, water line, and sometimes under my eyebrows as a highlight.  Don’t forget to blend out a little with a Mac 224 brush or any blending brush of your choice.  Purchase here!

I also topped of my face with Double Dimension by MAC.  This is cool because it has a highlighter and bronzy highlighter.  You can easily use this to give your makeup look a glow.  Effortlessly!  I also use the light highlight in areas like highest part of my cheekbones, cupid’s bow, eyelids, eyebrow highlight, and the bridge of my nose.  There are other combos but this one is one that I lean more towards.  Purchase here!

Last but definitely not least, I usually like to finish my look with a bold lip.  Since everything is so neutral – I like to throw in some color where appropriate – LIPS!  Today I went with Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate in color (#06) Rossetto.  It a matte finish with a touch of moisture but not too much.  This is a highly pigmented lipstick and a little goes a long way.  This color is gorgeous and was a perfect fit.  Purchase here!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed my beauty blog today!  If you’re anything like me – I am constantly looking for new ideas and beauty trends for natural looks.  This one is one of my favs.  Have a great weekend and look out for a video coming out later this week.  See you soon!



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