My April Favorites!!!

April Favorites collage

Hi Everyone!  Don’t you just love how we can accumulate so many products over the course of 1 month.  For myself, this usually happens without thinking about it.  Big T thinks I intentionally just go shopping everyday to buy beauty products.  That’s the furthest from the truth, the truth is, I need these products!  Right?

I was actually torn between doing a YouTube video on My April Favorites & doing a pictorial post on the blog.  I chose to do a pictorial on the blog.  I feel like YouTube draws me into doing videos, then I start neglecting my blog.  Doing YouTube videos can be fun and time consuming so when I get into that process it leaves me no time for other blogging ventures.  If you are a fellow blogger – you know EXACTLY what I mean.  Anyhoo….Before, I begin I wanted to mention that I sort of mixed my favorites up this month.  So if you see a cookie cutter in there don’t be surprised – Yeah, no cookie cutter this month.  Maybe next month!!!  Okay, let’s get STARTED!!!  In no particular order….

covergirl correctorI absolutely love this eye product!!!  Selling at drugstores all around the world for $14 – it is a steal.  I found this eye concealer/corrector when I was out looking for gems.  Yes, I sometimes go on the hunt for items that I normally wouldn’t buy but buy them anyway only to find out they are amazing.  Okay, so when you first open the jar you will see a swirl action of a white & beige color.  I used my index finger to get some of the product and then applied it to my under eye area.  I’m going to be honest, it seemed to oily at first, but then as I applied it under the eye it was absorbed quickly.  I also decided to set it with my powder of choice for long lasting wear.  I have to say I like this so much more than my Bobbi Brown concealer & corrector.  Probably will not purchase Bobbi Brown’s concealer as I am in love with this one right now.  I also loved the way it brightened up my eyes and created a flawless look.  So in my mind, it does a little bit of everything…..brightens, tightens, corrects, conceals, and smoothes.

Downy-UnstopablesAt first, when I saw the commercials for this product I wasn’t sold on it.  I was thinking it was just another one of those gimmicky laundry products that they want to get us all excited about.  Well, I have to say “I was wrong!”  A few months ago, I was visiting a friend and she happened to be doing her laundry.  When I walked into her house it was as I had walked into a cloud of heaven.  Well, at least I think this is what heaven would smell like.  Pure bliss, cleanness,  crisp, linen smell, okay I’m running out of descriptive words.  Let’s just say you get the picture.  Do you???  So, what did I do?  Yes, I bought it for my own home.  It was a little pricey selling at around $7, but I figure I would use it sparingly and not every time I did the laundry.  Okay, then I told myself, I would only use it when I washed the sheets & linens, etc….  So that’s where I’m at with this product.  Let’s just say I wash my linens often – YAY!  My home always smells so nice when I use this and it is always going to be on my shopping list when I run low. I purchase mine at Target.  LOVE, love, LoVe!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA How many of you like a smokey eye look?  I do!  I will do a more natural look during the day and a more bold look at night.  Well, this wonder sold at Ulta for $8 – Ulta Eye Crayon is a great tool to have in your beauty box.  It makes creating a smokey eye look so easy and fast.  What I do, I draw a thick, not very neat line across my eye lid (above top lashes).  Then, I use the opposite end to smudge out the line making is smoother and then I go over it with a shadow of my choice.  It is awesome, and goes on really easily – no tugging of the eye lid.

febreeze Can you tell I love a great smelling home???  Well, you are right I can’t get enough.  Febreze is a product I always have on my shelf in my laundry room.  It has never let me down, and it does make the whole home smell refreshed and clean.  I mainly use it in closets, laundry baskets when they are empty awaiting their next pile up, and on the linens.  Great product and you can buy it too at any local grocery store for $6.

aloe vera toner I have been testing so many facial products lately because my skin has been acting up BIG time.  So, what I try to do is use one for a while and then switch.  That way I know which one doesn’t have good chemistry with my skin.  When I heard about Mario Badescu’s line of facial products I was intrigued.  I love the fact that he uses essential oils, and natural ingredients.  Aloe Vera has always been a great product for my skin, my skin reacts really well to it.  This toner feels refreshing, your skin feels smooth after, and you will definitely get a tightening effect afterwards.  Not bad at all, right?  So far so good.  I bought mine at Ulta for $18, but I have purchased it from Amazon for $15 (free shipping).  Will purchase again.

close up of P84 brushSigma P84 brushThis is Sigma’s P-84 precision angled brush – $18.  I really enjoy using this brush because it is great for contouring in precise areas, helps blend concealer/corrector under the eye, and applying setting powder under the eye area and hard to get to places on the face.  Love it, I have also used it for applying shadow on the eyelid to get more coverage with one color.  This is my go to brush right now as it does a little bit of everything.  Love it!!!  Highly recommend i

gucci parfumeAnyone that knows me knows that I can’t leave the house without spritzing myself with a beautiful fragrance.  At the moment, Gucci Guilty Eau de Parfum is one of my favorites – $64 at Sephora.  Too much can never be enough with this parfum.  It has an earthy, floral, soft, sensual scent, and lasts a long time.  Just when I think I can’t smell it on myself anymore someone says, “what parfum are you wearing?”.  Need I say more??

hair serumSleek & Shine hair serum by Garnier is pretty awesome stuff.  It sells at grocery & drugstores for about $5 – a little goes a long way.  I bought this product back in February, use it everyday (quarter size amount), and just about to run out of it.  So, in very little words – it has lasted for two months.  What I love is how it leaves my hair smooth without looking or feeling greasy.  I once bought the serum by Paul Mitchell – I believe it was called Super Skinny for $20 something.  I always felt that it left my hair oily looking – doesn’t fly with me.  For those of you who straighten your hair with an iron – this product is a perfect fit for you.  Beautiful hair =  a boost of confidence!

highlight shampooEarly April I lightened my hair, and yes, I did go to Bellisimo – Lauren did my hair.  Love her – she is so talented.  For those of you who are blonde or have highlights you know it is a lot of maintenance.  Well, I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and bought this purple shampoo shown in the picture above – $8 (smaller bottle).  Not only do I love the color of this shampoo – it helps keep your hair from taking on that brassy look blondes or highlighters don’t want.  Basically, it helps you maintain your hair for longer lightness, beautiful, true color.  You don’t have to use it everyday which is great, but probably every 3-5 days.  Highly recommend this!!!

kroma lashesEvery heard of the Kardashians?  There the ones who became famous for their reality t.v. show.  I swear if those cameras were in my life – it would be much more entertaining – just kidding.  Maybe I’m not kidding, well that would have to be another blog down the road.  Anyhooo….the Kardashians created a line of makeup, eyelashes, nail polish, etc…  I’m sure you have heard & seen their products at the local  stores where you live.  I don’t use falsies everyday, but from time to time, I surly love to take it up a few notches.  Let’s be true, it makes a girl feel like a girly girl, opens up your eyes, glams up the eyes, and makes you feel gorgeous.  On one of my many trips to Ulta, I stumbled upon the Khroma lashes – $6.  I especially liked the ones with the invisible band – it makes it look more natural and not so fake.  I have gotten lots of compliments when I ‘ve worn them.  I also like the way I can peel off the glue from the previous application and wear them again.  I usually get 4 uses out of them before they start looking dull & nasty.  Overall, I really like this product – 2 thumbs up Kardashian chickadees!

lip butterNYX Lip Butter Gloss – $5 – sold at Ulta, Nordstrom, online….  I think I have one in just about every color they come in.  This is fabulous lip gloss.  The colors are so dainty, true to color, and lasts on your lips for a good while.  It doesn’t get caky or dried out on your lips not one bit.  My favorite “go to” colors are: Eclair, Apple Strudel, and Creme Brule.  I have all of the other colors too, but I really love the 3 I mentioned a little more than the other colors.  Who knows maybe next month it will be: Strawberry Parfait, Peaches and Cream, or even Maple Blondie.  I really hope they don’t discontinue this product – like EVER!!!  Because I did hear through the grape vine that NYX was in the middle of some HUGE company changes!!!

perrier grapefruit waterPerrier is a beverage I have in my fridge all the time.  Usually, it’s the lime flavored one but Todd brought home a really nice treat for me one day, and let’s just say I’m totally addicted.  He came home from B.J’s Wholesale Club (like a Costco or Sam’s club) with a case of 30 perrier 8.45 oz slim cans.  There was only one problem – I fell in LOVE with the grapefruit flavor.  There are only 10 of those, I’m sure if they had feelings the other flavors would be pretty depressed that I wasn’t drinking them.  The grapefruit flavor is so good, refreshing, and goes down like an ice-cold beer on a hot day. Rachel Ray would say YUMMO to this sparkling ever so great tasting beverage.  $16 at B.J’s; $1.60 for the liter at a local grocery store.

Pacifica facial wipesI ran across these facial wipes one day while picking up a few things from Target, paid $6.  Oh, how I love that store!  What caught my attention was the ingredient, “coconut water”.  I love coconut water!  Coconut water is a great form of nutrition in that it will hydrate your body with electrolytes & potassium which we need.  Especially, if we live highly active lives.  Can you only imagine what it can do for your skin?  Let me also go on to say that these facial wipes smell so fabulous you’re going to want to use more than one on your face.  I also noticed they have other products for eyes, cheeks, and body.  Will try those on another day, another blog post:)

real tech expert face brushReal Techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman are affordable and get the job done – right!  First off, I wanted to say I love the design of these brushes.  The way it is black where you hold the brush, and then the longer area where it is purple, copper, white, pink, etc…. I also love how the bristles are soft and hold their shape after a million uses later.  One of my favorite brushes is the one shown in the picture above – found at Ulta for $9.  This is the Expert Face Brush – which is also referred to as the multi-purpose brush.  It blends, buffs, contours, highlights, etc….  I love that it is dome shaped as it makes it easier to apply blush, bronzer, and highlighter on to specific areas.  Great tool to have – I would say a “must have”.

Well, that is it for now as far as my April favorites go.  I am so happy to share them with you as I know many of you are always looking for the next best thing or the lastest thing in the beauty world.  What are your favorites that you have been using lately?  As I am always looking for the next best thing too!!!  Thanks for stopping by…..I am off on my next venture:)






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