Which Makeup Brushes Really Get the Job Done

My top makeup brushes that work

In the makeup industry it can cost a fortune to purchase the tools you need to accomplish a great look.  Not only do you have to buy the makeup itself, you also have to purchase the makeup tools like: brushes, to apply the makeup onto your face.  Can you see where it starts adding up?  Well, I have been into the beauty world for a really long time.  I feel confident to say, “I am no beginner.”  I can remember back in the day when the brushes that came with the eyeshadow singles, or palettes were great to use.  As time went on, I was introduced to better tools like those of MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Sephora.  I was hooked immediately, but that was okay – I had a job at the time that allowed me the budget for these things.  I was working at a financial firm making pretty good money for a 18 year old.  Then, quickly after that, I started shooting weddings for a well known photographer in the city.  I learned a lot and decided to branch off on my own.  Twelve years later here I am.  The wedding industry is a billion dollar enterprise.  There is money to be made in case you’re considering a career.  Go for it!  I had other plans for myself though, even though I was making really great money, and was part of a big social circle – I still felt unfulfilled.  That’s what lead me to beauty blogging & my small business (check that out here).  I love it!!

Now, I am a wife, a mom, I play the role of CEO of our home life, and also manage my blog & business.  If you are any of these roles in life then you should keep reading.  In life it is a good idea to set a realistic budge.  Key word being, “realistic.”  Budgets are great for any income level.  It doesn’t matter if you earn $600k or $24K a year.  A budget is what keeps you from overspending, sane in the membrane, and most importantly keeps you married.  After Todd and I figured out a manageable budget for the family – I quickly started looking to other beauty brands that were budget friendly.  No one should be embarrassed about living by a budget, in fact, if you don’t I feel for you.  Any who, one brand that is amazing but doesn’t get enough love is Eyes Lips Face – E.L.F.  I’ve tried some makeup from this brand, but what really caught my attention was their brushes.  They are affordable, great quality for the price, and have a chic design.  You can find them at Target, Wal-Mart, and most CVS stores.

Another brand that I do hear a lot about, and is rarely stocked at Target (prob because it is so good) is Sonia Kashuk.  Their line of brushes are really good too!  They are a little more pricey than ELF, selling in the range $4-$20 depending on the brush.  My favorites are: Sonia Kashuk Fluffy Eye Shadow Brush #112 here; and Sonia Kashuk Pointed Blending Brush #109 here.  My favorites from ELF are: Eye Shadow Brush here; Blending Eye Brush here; Eyeshadow “C” Brush here.  When on a tight budget or no budget at all – I highly recommend these tools.  I am just so surprised that they are so inexpensive, ya know?  What are your favorite brushes for applying your makeup?  Have you tried any of my favorites?

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