Makeup Brush Cleaning 101

Ever wonder how to get your makeup brushes super duper clean without having to spend over the top?  Well, I have just the post for ya!  Have you heard of Dawn dishwashing liquid?  Okay, we’re already off to a great start.

IMG_0745 (copy)

I normally use olive oil and Dawn dish soap, but you can use any olive oil & dish soap you want.  I usually go for dish soap that is really good at cutting though grease.  I found this huge size at Costco.  I’ve also seen a mini size at Dollar Tree.  Can’t beat that on any day.  When it comes to olive oil – I just use what I have in the house at the time.  IMG_0746 (copy)


I first start off pouring the dish soap into a bowl.  I prefer using a bowl because it contains both ingredients well.
IMG_0748 (copy)

Next, I pour in the olive oil and as you can see I don’t use a whole lot.  The olive oil is used to keep the bristles of the brushes soft and going strong.  Such a brilliant idea!IMG_0749 (copy)

I dip the each brush into the mixture of the oil & soap and give it a little swirl action.  You don’t want to get to much soap onto your brush.  A little goes a long way here.  IMG_0750 (copy)

For the record, I am using my daughter to demonstrate so I can photograph the pictures for this post.  Incase you were wondering.  Lol.

I swirl the brush against the palm of my hand to help clean the residue of the brush.  This really gets down deep and works in the oil & soap to clean the brush.
IMG_0751 (copy)

I also use the same technique only this time under running water (warm temperature).  I do this until the water runs clean.  No soap, no makeup.

It is recommended to clean your brushes after every use, especially, after using liquid products.  I think if you are only using your brushes on your skin it would be good to clean them at least once a week.  If you have time and the energy go ahead and clean them after each use.  The cleaner the better.  Right? IMG_0752 (copy)Voila!  I rest all my brushes along side the sink – in a well ventilated area to dry.  This works fabulous for your beauty blenders too!!!  My brushes are dry by the next morning.

Brushes shown are by: Sigma Beauty, Tarte, MAC, Real Techniques, Sedona Lace, ELF, and  Borghese.

I hope this post was helpful.  I remember when I was first getting into makeup – I didn’t know how to clean my makeup brushes.  I didn’t have a clue how often to clean them or what products to use to clean them with.  Gosh I was a mess.

Till next time, have a wonderful 4th of July and be safe.



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