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While staying in Houston at my parent’s house I am exposed to so many different opportunities.  For example, my parents live out in the country, in the middle of no where which means they don’t have city water.  You’re probably asking yourself, “what kind of water do they have?”  Well, right now they have hard water with a salt water conditioner to soften the water up a bit.  My opportunity?  Trying out new beauty products of course!

Back to the water conditioner…   When you put the salt into the machine – you can actually feel the difference in the how the water feels right away.  After, a few days it’s like nothing was done to condition it at all.  There is even a slight smell to it, and I don’t mean to gross you out with the whole smell thing either.  Over the years, they have found ways to lessen the smell but it’s still there.  NO, the smell doesn’t linger on your body or hair.  Have you ever had the experience of hard water in your life?  I’m feeling a little awkward talking about this but I promise its not as bad as I’m describing in this post.  It’s just that….well…a little hard to explain.

Moving on….I like to keep my hair in pretty good shape using natural conditioners, shampoos, and leave in hair treatments.  Do you do that too?  One store that I have to say I’m lusting over right now is called LUSH.  They are a natural cosmetics line that make all kinds of products from your head to toe really.  In my opinion, they shouldn’t really include “cosmetics” in their name or logo.  As they really have very little cosmetics.  They carry a lip tint and a lip balm but no where do I see eyeshadow, blush, or mascara?  Maybe something like “natural skin care” would better suit LUSH.

Lately, my hair has been in REAL need of some TLC.  It’s summer and its so hot everywhere I go.  I’m taking like three showers a day.  What?   I’m swimming, going to the beach, staying in a house with hard water running through the pipes….my hair needs love.  So, when I was shopping around LUSH I found a shampoo that sounded perfect for what I needed.


REHAB Shampoo – $25.95 for 8.4 fl. oz.  It suppose to be really great for clarifying, stimulating hair growth, and moisturizing.  The concoction in this bottle is just what I needed.  There was a smaller bottle – I think 3 oz. but it wasn’t in stock at the time.  I took it home to try it out along with some other goodies.  I have been loving it ever since.  My hair feels soft, manageable, and I do feel the tingle feeling on my scalp (not overwhelmingly tingling though) which is the stimulation.  My mom has also tried this shamp and is also saying good things about it.

Some of REHAB’s ingredients:

-seeweed: which is amazing for moisture balancing

-cleansing enzymes: strip the folicles from any chemicals or buildup

-olive & jojoba oil: make the hair strong & flexible

-fresh fruit juices (too many to list): turn the hair from fried to health again

-peppermint & juniper oils: stimulates the scalp for growth

Another pretty awesome find was this face & body scrub!


Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub – $21.95 4.2 fl. oz.   Don’t forget to stir and mix all the ingredients together when you first open the jar.  They will do it for you at the store if you prefer.  I have been enjoying the scent from this product and they way it leaves me skin feeling.  It is infused with vodka, and has two different types of sea salts (one fine & one coarse).  I do have to say that you do have to use more than a quarter size amount to scrub your face to actually get a good scrub.  Otherwise, it feels like it dissolves easily and you don’t get a good scrub.  I don’t use it on my body yet just my face.

Some of Ocean Salt’s ingredients:

-sea salt: clarifying

-avocado butter: moisturizing

-citrus fruits: helps exfoliate & brighten

-vodka: balancing & cleansing

My daughter is struggling with Keratosis Pilaris on her arms – which are tiny pimples & white heads.  Ever heard of it?  When we are at home she uses my organic body scrub, check that out here.  Currently, she has been using the Ocean Salt Scrub and has been enjoying the gentle exfoliation.  I think the exfoliation helps with the dead skin cells and also helps open the pores.  Afterwards, she applies the topical cream and she notices a huge difference from when she doesn’t use a body scrub.

I was also given a tiny sample of the Oatifix Mask – $6.95 2.1 fl. oz., like a one use type thing to try.  It is really refreshing and I love the natural smell of the oats, bananas, and vanilla in the mixture.  The masks are made to be refrigerated and only last for a couple of weeks.  That is how fresh they are!

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XoXo...Now, go have a special day!!!
XoXo…Now, go have a special day!!!

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