Achieve Luminous & Glowy Skin???

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For years now women and men have been struggling with achieving the luminous, natural glow we all want.  Even the magazines that are put in our faces while we wait in the grocery line shows us beautiful people with luminous skin.  If you’ve been following my blog or vlog you’ve heard me talk about my issue with melasma.  This is not fun, but when you stumble upon products that work – it tends to work itself out and not seem so bad anymore.  Basically, the plan to healthy skin is to CLEAN, PROTECT, REPEAT….  Then, you’ll be fine.  Sometimes it’s not that easy though.  Especially, when you live in a state otherwise known as the “Sunshine State”.  Lol…

Perricone MD is a very reputable skin care line that has a great products that work well at hydrating, resurfacing, and anti-aging.  Do I need to ask???  I didn’t think so.  When it comes to skin we look for all of these benefits to look & feel better.  Let’s just say it helps with our confidence.  YEAH!

Blue Plasma is the first product I started using by Perricone MD.  It retails for $95 and can be found a Sephora or Ulta or online at either store.  One day I was just shopping around at Ulta and started reading the back labels of each bottle that was on the shelf.  Have you ever done that or am I the only crazy one that does that?  At first, I fell in liking with their packaging and then, started to wonder if what they are advertising was true.  I quickly decided to try it.  Despite the fact that it was a little out of my budget – I was having a strong desire for a more even skin tone.  A more youthful look never hurt no one.  Right?  photo 3 (4) (copy)photo 4 (4) (copy)

At first, like most people spending $95 on a skin care product – I was skeptical.  I thought to myself for a while and decided to give it a GO for a few weeks or at least a month.  Just to see the results so forth…  Well, just like I read many positive reviews online I was seeing positive action on my face.  My hyper-pigmentation was breaking up looking more like freckles.  Instead of patches on my face.  I also noticed my jaw line seemed smoother and tighter.  I was very happy at this point.

“A revolutionary, non-acidic daily peel for smoother, brighter skin. With Salmon Roe Enzyme and Copper.” Perricone MD

Here are some points on Blue Plasma:


– Resurfaces and unveils new skin.
– Achieves luxurious luminosity & glow.
– Smoothes, hydrates and plumps lines & wrinkles.

So far so good!

Okay, so the next product I picked up on my next pay period was also by Perricone MD.  It is their Concentrated Restorative Treatment retailing at $105.  Which I purchased at Sephora – its okay I get points there.  Okay, I shouldn’t be bragging about that – should I?  This treatment is known for many great benefits such as: tightening, improving discoloration (YES!!  HELPS WITH MELASMA!!), brightening, diminishing wrinkles, and improves skin’s elasticity.  What more can we ask for???

As you can imagine, I have added this duo to my nightly routine and it does amazing stuff.  When I rise and shine in the mornings, my skin does look radiant, and is starting to take on a more even skin tone.  This is HUGE guys!!  As I have struggled to achieve this for over 3 years now.  I just hope it’s not one of those things where my skin gets accustomed to the product and stops working its magic.  YIKES!  Let’s just stay hopeful.

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“A powerful treatment to help firm and repair skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. With Vitamin C Ester and DMAE.” Perricone MD.

Here are some key points on Concentrated Restorative Treatment:


– Brightens and smoothes.
– Minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores.
– Refines the appearance of skin’s tone and texture.
– Hydrates the skin.
– Paraben-free.

In combination, these two skin products by Perricone MD truly work wonders.  I think by now I would be well aware if my mind was playing tricks on me or not.  I don’t think that’s the case with this.  Nope not at all.

You can purchase Blue Plasma here.
Hope you enjoyed my review on the amazing find.  Like I said, this is something I just stumbled upon.  It really does work.
What products have you tried and liked lately???  I am always looking for beauty finds that are true to their labels. We all know that doesn’t always happen.  When it does we have to take advantage or even spread the word.  Or shall I say spread the beauty secret?

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