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Lately, I have been into juicing for different reasons.  One main reason, all the positive health benefits that can be achieved just by juicing fruit + veggies.  The truth is I always get compliments on my skin.  Everyone always wants to know my skincare routine and what I do to get such great skin.  Since I can remember my mom use to tell me, “you are what you eat.”  Did any of your parents ever tell you that?  Well, mine did too and she is right.

My skin wasn’t always great.  I use to have acne just like most teenagers do – I hated my skin.  I was one of those girls who would literally try anything and everything to get rid of it.  I know now that most of the issue was hormones but it was also not eating the best.  I ate Jack n the Box, Whataburger, Sonic you know how it goes when you’re a teenager.  Fast forward over ten years, I am in a place where I like to pay attention to what goes into my body.  Don’t get me wrong I am a horrible cheater when it comes to food.  I mean who doesn’t love food?  Yes?

My routine is very simple, during the week I juice quite a bit and eat well-balanced meals.  My meals include a large portion of veggies and protein.  I don’t drink sodas as I have lost my love for pop in the last couple of years.  If I want something refreshing + carbonated I resort to sparkling Pellegrino or Kirkland sparkling water from Costco.  This satisfies my craving!!

Today, I wanted to share a juice recipe that I have been loving so much.  It is refreshing, detoxifying and low calorie so perfect for staying on track and losing weight.  Most importantly, I feel great when I drink this juice!!!

Before I share, I wanted to tell you why watermelon juice is good for your well being.

1. Extremely alkaline-forming in the body
Fat cells contain toxicity and acid. Your body will not let go of fat cells while you are still acidic.

2. A high amount of citrulline
It creates a diuretic effect (lots of peeing) as the toxins leave your body. Citrulline makes arginine which removes ammonia and other toxins from the body. Also, arginine boosts nitric oxide, which improves blood flow. This is why a watermelon detox works so well.

3. High in dietary fiber that helps keep the colon clean, helping cleanse your body.

4. Contains glutathione that helps improve liver function.
Your body needs this to begin to detox body toxins.  Glutathione is the body’s most powerful antioxidant and detoxifying agent, but outside the science community, few people have even heard of it.

5. Good source of potassium
This balances the high amounts of sodium in our diets which supports your kidneys and is great when cleansing.

6.  Prevents Wrinkles
Watermelon is high in lycopene. Lycopene helps slow down the effect of aging caused by the oxidation in your body that causes wrinkles and blemishes.

7. Reduces inflammation
Inflammation contributes to conditions like asthma, atherosclerosis, diabetes, colon cancer and arthritis. Less inflammation means lower toxic load in the body.

Bonus Benefit: Watermelon also has Viagra-like properties.

You can get more info here.

So far, I have been drinking the Watermelon Refresher for six weeks and do notice tons of great results.  Some major ones that stand out: more energy, hydrated skin, regular bowel movements, and balanced sugar blood levels.  Winning!!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your Watermelon Refresher!  Cheers!


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