How to apply Eyelashes

In the last week, I have been asked on several occasions how I apply my eyelashes.  I gladly explain my simple way of applying them but it would be so much easier sending them over to my blog.  Don’t you think so?  Before I go any further, I want to say that this takes practice & patience.  Who knows you might be a natural and get it the first go around.  Either way, your friends & family will still love you.  I remember back in the day, oh back in 2002, I was a mother on just one then – Jasmine.  I had this desire for learning how to apply falsies (faux eyelashes), and it just wasn’t going to happen.  I totally didn’t get it, and I applied too much glue and the whole thing got out of control.  Real fast!  It got to the point that when I wanted to wear the eyelashes I would pay MAC (at any larger department store) to apply them for me.  The cost wasn’t an issue at first, but then I fell in love with the look. Eyelashes really help to open up your eyes – quite sultry. They just gave me less of a motherly look if you know what I mean.  If you’re a mommy you get me I’m sure.  There comes a time where the mommy wants to punch out and have a little fun.  You know let her hair down, feel sexy, and maybe that means applying faux eyelashes.  I quickly realized it was time to learn how to do it on myself.  YouTube wasn’t as big as it is now so that wasn’t how I learned.  I just practiced until I got the hang of it.  And now, I can probably break a record for how fast I can apply them.  That is an accomplishment in my book my friends.

Here are some supplies you’ll need to make this process easy.



First select the lashes you want to wear.  Then take them out of the packaging and bend them back and forth.  This step helps to loosen them up a bit.  Ardell Wispies here.  Eylure #126 here.



Apply the glue straight onto the eyelash strip.  Imagine the straightest, thinnest line ever.  That’s what you want – a little glue goes a long way.  Allow it to get tacky to make application a breeze (usually takese about 20 secs).  Duo Eyelash Adhesive Dark Tone, $5.99.


You’ll want to use your tweezers to hold the eyelash strip while applying the glue.  It makes it so easy, and you don’t get it all over your fingers.  If you get the glue onto anything else – don’t worry it will peel right off.  You are also going to use the tweezers to position the eyelash strip to your lash line.  Try to envision a small dot at the center of your eyelash line.  You want to land your strip at that imaginary dot.  Once it is there you can move it around and try to get it as close as possible to the lash line.

When the strip is where you like it, then using the tweezers, clamp the eyelash strip and real lashes together.  This will bond them together.  It creates the look that your eyelash strip is really growing from your eyelash line.  So natural.  I usually find my tweezers at T.J. Maxx.  Revlon Diamon Collection Eyelash Curler, $8.99.

After everything is all said and done, you’ll want to draw a thin line to camoflauge the eyelash strip.  I highly recommend this eyeliner.  Kat Von D Ink Liner in Trooper, $19.  Another thing I like to do, after everything is set in place.  I like to give my lashes a quick curl using light pressure.  You don’t want to squeeze the curler to the point that it takes your lashes off.  If anything sticks to the curler use your tweezers to detach.


I will also be filming a How To on my channel.  You can SUBSCRIBE here to get notifications on my new videos.  Sometimes it may seem easier to learn by watching instead of reading about it.

My thoughts on eyelash extensions:

Eyelash extension are beautiful, and it definitely makes it worth skipping one major step in your routine every morning.  They can make your life feel more simple by not having to fuss with your eyelashes.  And one might say that a woman looks a lot better with long, dark, and luxurious lashes.  Well, at least, that is how I feel about myself.  Like I said before it helps to open the eyes – what a difference.  On the other hand, eyelash extensions can put limitations to your daily routine too.  Mascara is a staple in my makeup bag.  When I was told not to use any while I had my extensions it was hard to follow through.  So I didn’t – I continued to use it.  I was also told that I couldn’t use an eyelash curler.  If I did it could make my extensions break off.  They were right.  I also found myself going in for a refill every two weeks instead of 3-4 weeks like they advertise.  This meant more money out of my pocketbook.  After having my extensions on for over 8 months, I decided to get them professionally removed.  When I looked in the mirror I noticed a huge difference in my lash appearance from how they were before.  They were thinned out, I had a few bald spots, and they weren’t as full.  I quickly stopped at my dermatologist’s office to pick up some Latisse (lash growth serum).  After a few months, my lashes were back to normal.  In my experience with eyelash extensions, I feel that they are awesome at the beginning.  In my opinion, I think the cons outweigh the pros, in this case, I now think twice before deciding to get it done again.

Some other eyelash brands I recommend:

House of Lashes – Bambi $9.00

Esquido Lashes – Gina $38.00 (mink & 25 uses)

Social Eyes – Glamorous $7.95


Thanks for stopping by!
Thanks for stopping by!


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