Redecorating on a budget

I had a lot planned today when it came to blogging.  I had a few interesting and colorful posts that had to do all about beauty.  As I started to blog I began to think that there was something more I had to post today.  I don’t want to say it was more important but something that made me feel good and inspired me to great lengths this past week!  Has that ever happened to you?  Well, over the last week – if you follow any of my social media creative outlets – you’ll know I’ve been in Houston visiting family for about 2 week now.  When I go back “home” I stay at my parent’s house – the house I grew up in – sweet dreaming in my old room.  Every night for the last couple of weeks I’d spend hours looking at the walls and what surrounded me.  I knew before my departure flight back to Florida, I’d be in for a mini project featuring my old bedroom.  I didn’t want this to be the kind of thing that would cost a fortune,but I did want to make a new color splash.  You know what I mean?  I’ve had lots of inspiration from magazines, Pinterest, and other bloggers on the internet.  Love, love, love browsing for inspiration – BTW.  So, without racking my brain and having to bust out my interior design skills (Fun fact about me: I studied Interior Design at the Art Institute of Houston for 14 months – damn weed out process).   Without further adieu allow me to show you what I did.   Now remember I only made slight changes but these “SLIGHT” changes made a difference in this room.  Hence the name of today’s blog post.

IMG_0777 IMG_0786 IMG_0831Okay, because I’m human and sometimes forget to take before/after pictures – I had to use the pictures I usually take for my videos.  If you look closely, you’ll see the color of the walls are like a peach.  The bedding is a quilt in various soothing colors.  The window treatments or like I usually call them “curtains” are just a plain minty color with a valance at the top for added detail.  Honestly, I didn’t care to much for this decor, but my mom usually utilizes what she has around the house.  She is a master at making other people’s trash her treasure.  I have to also mention the treadmill in the background.  Every time I’d try to be productive and run on that thing – I couldn’t help but feel like I was going to bounce off the wall.  It was placed in very tight quarters. Really close to the wall, and not a very good placement for watching a show on the TV.   Anything to pass the time FAST, right?

IMG_0840I have to include this diffuser in the post because it smells sooooo good it’s not even funny.  It’s from Michel Design Works Home Fragrance line – Honey Almond $26.99.  I also like the look of the packaging, so chic in stylish.  I thought it was perfect for this space.  If it wasn’t for my quick stop at the car wash.  I don’t think I would have ran into this gem.  Have you ever been suckered into the car wash retail section?  The section where they retail greeting cards, cook books, candles, diffusers, car fragrance products, all kinds of items that you probably don’t need, but you buy them anyway.  Yep that’s me.  Total sucker for marketing.  Or in more positive terms, “a marketer’s dream”.

IMG_0841Before I go any further, the color of the paint on the walls is called Rhino which is a gray color with a tint of blue in it.  Its from the Behr Premium Ultra paint collection (satin finish) which includes the primer in the formula – $33.98.  I really loved this formula because it covered well, and left the walls looking so clean and perfect looking.  Overall, I’m in love with the color as it goes nicely with so many furniture finishes.  If you look at the before pictures you can see that this color just brightens up the place quite a bit.  Do you agree?

IMG_0843I had to take a picture of how the two flowers meet together to make a huge flower.  So simple yet so out spoken.  I found this bedding at Wal-Mart.  It is Better Homes & Gardens Quilt Collection, Floral – $39.97.  I bought it in a queen size, but they do carry it in Twin & King too.  It included the quilt & two pillow shams.  I already had the sheets, so I just washed them and put them back on the bed.  I have to say that Gain Fireworks In-Wash Booster Pellets in the original scent, $4.97, are AMAZING for linens.  They will smell fabulous for days and give a cozy feel when you lay your head to rest at night.  Oh before I forget, my sister-n-law Erin gave me an awesome tip!  She says that if you don’t have candle melts for your candle warmers or tart warmers you can use these pellets.  They will melt enough to make your whole house smell like fresh laundry.  You can check her out on Pinterest here.  

IMG_0844I kept the two antique side tables my mom had originally.  I feel they both give the room character.  They don’t match, they are from different eras, and the finish is slightly lighter than the other.  I still think they look great.  Since one table was a little taller than the other – I stacked a few design & beauty books to give the lamp height.  I think it works well.  The lamps I purchased at Home Goods for $39 each.  I really love the look of mercury glass so I didn’t hesitate.  What would you have done?

IMG_0845Quilt bedding can be your best friend when it comes to a neat looking, made bed.  As it doesn’t get messy when you sit on the bed, lay on the bed, or roll on the bed…lol…  You get the point.  It is also 100% machine washable which makes things a little more convenient for the average human being.

IMG_0846How can I forget about my treadmill? This piece of machinery helps me burn off the calories when I eat too much Whataburger.  I can only say that when I come to Houston though, as we don’t have a Whataburger in Ft. Myers.  YET!  Before, the treadmill was up against a wall and no windows.  This arrangement made it hard to run or walk because you couldn’t help but feel like you were going to bounce off the wall if you went to fast.  Oh my, that was a mouth full.  Anyway, with the placement now, I get to have the windows on each side.  This gives a more open feeling that enables you to feel free on the treadmill.

I also replaced all four blinds.  Before the windows housed metal blinds that attracted heat and got damaged really easily.  I bought plastic blinds in white at Wal-Mart for $3.97 each.  To cover the blinds, I added white shears that I also purchased at Wal-Mart for $4 a panel (total of 8 panels = $32 = a steal!!).  The shears are amazing for allowing natural light to flood in making the room feel bright & airy.  Love the result.

Last but not least, the carpet needed some TLC, so my mom and I steam cleaned it.  Now, the carpet looks fluffy and spotless.  Just what we wanted.

Here are some bloggers that I visit from time to time to get inspiration and motivation to get projects done: Virginia – Live Love DIY, Tiffany D – Makeup By Tiffany D,  and Nicole & Debbie – Live Laugh Decorate, and Emily – Decorchick.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my Monday post on my mini makeover that has inspired me to blog more and eat healthy (for some odd reason).  I can’t really explain it – just roll with the punches – it’s Monday.

Have you tackled any home projects that weren’t necessarily huge remodels but something that still made an impact?  I can’t wait to hear about them.

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XoXo...Now, go have a special day!!!
XoXo…Now, go have a special day!!!



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