Guilty of a Lip Balm Obsession???

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Ever clean out your purse and realize you have a lip balm obsession?  Yep, me too.  Is it the cute packaging?  Maybe it’s all the wonderful scents?  I believe my obsession comes from lip balm making my lips feel smooth and moisturized.  It never fails, wherever you go you will end up needing some moisture on those lips.  In my case, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal because I am hoarding them in my Kate Spade.  Oh gosh, never thought the day would come where I would use “im” and “hoarding” in the same sentence (talking about myself).  Scary.  Well, know you know me – what can I say?

As the omission came to a realization, I said hello to many of my lip balm loves.  For some it was literally, and I mean literally love at first application on da’ lips.

IMG_0116 (copy)I know I really shouldn’t be saying this right now, but I really believe that Nivea Lip Butters are a dupe of Christian Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm.  Is that just me?  Do you feel the same but are scared to comment?  I know – I’m feeling gusty right now.  Sorry CD.  I have actually owned CD Creme de Rose a lot longer and it really does a good job at moisturizing and plumping.  It doesn’t leave that sticky, white residue behind like that of other balms.  I have to say I do love Nivea Lip Butters price more retailing at $2.99 at Target.  Where CD Creme de Rose is $20.  Another difference that makes them unique in their own skin is the scent.  Obviously the Creme de Rose smells of roses and Nivea LB smells of Raspberries with a hint of roses but not much.  I dare you to compare the two.

IMG_0124 (copy)IMG_0122 (copy)Another great lip balm to have on hand is by an organic/raw company named X Compound.  You can check it out here.  It was started by a little lady that goes by the name Marie DelCarmen.  I know I didn’t have to throw in her middle name, but doesn’t it have a good ring to it?  She formulated a very unique blend that does wonders on your lips.  Won’t cake up on the lips, will moisturize, and she has a variety of colors too.  I also love the packaging that she designs.  She is the cook Y’all – she makes the lip balm, designs & constructs the packaging.  All in all, the ingredients are wholesome using coconut oil, beeswax, honey, and lanolin.  Xcompound doesn’t test on animals which is why I fell in love with this company to begin with.  Some other lip balms you might wanna try are: Fox.Trot, Minx, or X-Rated Red.  My favorite is X-Ray.  Retails online at $16.

 “I use it on my temples and eyebrows at night for deep moisturizing.”  Marie Martinez

Xcompound’s packaging: cute…creative…


IMG_0127Moving on…

IMG_0117 (copy)Anyone heard of EOS?  These are the two I own at the moment (shown in picture above), and are my current “go-to” balms.  I also apply it on to my cuticles like I use to do with Carmex.  I like the round packaging and fits perfectly into my lil makeup bag that I toss into my bag.  They are lightly scented which is okay.  One thing I do like about EOS is that it goes right onto your lips – no fingers needed.  My lips have definitely maintained their smoothness and moisture. Especially, during the Fall & Winter months when the wind is blasting you in the face, and the cold temperatures are drying everything out.  I usually pick up my EOS at Target while waiting in the check out for $2.99.

IMG_0119 (copy)Nivea has totally vamped up their body and lip products within the last couple of years in my opinion.  Their packaging looks great, and you are hearing about them everywhere.  Good sign? Not only that, the lip care line is pretty darn amazing.  My favorite is A Kiss of Milk & Honey.  It has an organic feel which is not like Nivea.  If you have issues like lips peeling or cracking – this is one to try.  I usually pop this right in my pant/short pocket and go.  It is the same size as an average lipstick so it’s easy to carry anywhere.  It is also formulated with Honey & Shea Butter which we all know is great for conditioning & moisturizing anything on your body – head to toe.  You can find it at Ulta $2.99 which is where I purchase almost everything beauty.

So have you recently found that you have an obsession with a certain something?  Please do share and don’t leave me feeling like I’m the only one with this problem.  Is this a problem? Maybe I’m just being delusional?

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest read.  I hope you are having a fantastic week!!

I leave you with this positive quote! Enjoy & uplift someone today:)

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  1. Kelly says

    I’m so sad the CD lip balm is discontinued! 🙁 great post, I think I’m just as devoted to lip products as you! xo Kelly

    • Nina says

      I know. I still am in shock. I still find it hard to cope with the fact that companies make a wonderful product and then, discontinue it.

      • Justin says

        Well it’s your lucky day. The Creme de rose has never been discontinued. That was just a rumor. I buy at least 1 a month since it’s my holy grail lip product. In fact I just bought one yesterday at Sephora 🙂

        Also, you can get them at any Dior makeup counter.

        • Nina says

          Hi Justin.

          Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I was so upset when I heard the rumor. But I quickly realized it wasn’t going to get discontinued. Yay!! It happens to live on my bedside table.

          Do you have a blog?


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