Gift Guide for Teens Under $100

  1. Slip Leopard Pillowcase | 2. Jade Facial Roller | 3. Treasure & Bond Crossbody Bag | 4. Kensie Faux Shearling Coat | 5. Morphe Brush Set 502 | 6. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette | 7. GlamGlow SuperMud Mask | 8. Free People Thermal Top | 9. Pandora Tiara Ring | 10. Adidas Swift Run Sneaker | 11. Treasure & Bond Cable Knit Beanie Pom

I have three teenage daughters that I love shopping for every year.  This can be tough but also fun.  Each one has such a different personality and sense of style it can make for an interesting shopping trip(s).  When it comes to Christmas shopping, I try to free up some time in my schedule to spend at least a couple of hours out and about.  If I feel rushed I start to feel anxious and my day will be awful.  My preference is to wake up early in the morning, grab a coffee, and start my adventure.  A list of all the items I plan on buying for each person is necessary to stay on track.  There’s MAJOR satisfaction when I cross things off my list.  Can you relate?

I don’t always get to buy everything on the first shopping trip.  It usually takes 3 or 4 to get it all finished.  I find that online shopping is a must for some things too.  You don’t have to hassle with the crowds and you can be calm and collected while shopping.  This makes it easier to stay on budget!  When you’re in a frenzy + feeling overwhelmed you spend more.  It’s a fact!  You can read more about that here.

Helpful tips: 1.) set a budget; 2.) set expectations; 3.) do your research; 4.) shop online 

Expectation: We tell our kids that they will be receiving one big gift and one regular gift.  At this age, they know Santa isn’t real and understand how the whole Christmas gifting works.  We allow our kids to make a list of some bigger gifts they may desire and a list of some smaller gifts (usually under $100).  This is a huge help for us, especially, since we are all busy 24/7.

Gift cards: We apply the remainder of the budget on a gift card for each child.  Basically, if we didn’t use all of the budget on both gifts and let’s say $50 is remaining.  We will deposit $50 on a gift card and they can go buy whatever they want.  Keep in mind, each gift card will probably end up with a different amount.  As long as the kiddos understand the method – it works out well.

I wanted to share some gift ideas for teenage girls with you in today’s post.  I hope you find it helpful and I believe they are under $100.  Happy Shopping!

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