How to Get Gorgeous Hair in Minutes…

photo 5 (3) (copy)Lately, I have been on a mission trying to find the right chemistry for my hair.  Who else does this?  I hope I’m not the only one – I doubt I’m the only one.  Well, up till a few weeks ago, I struggled with damaged, brittle hair due to bleaching, coloring, and heat damage.  I tried so many hair masks, both homemade and store bought.  I did see some improvement but in all honesty, I just needed a fresh start.  That is why I chose to cut off six inches.  I went to The Rock Salon here locally, and Raquel was my stylist.  She is amazing!  What I loved most about her was her personality…. Very spunky, and open minded.  Not to mention – her hair was pretty cool too.  I always say that when you go to someone to get your hair done you should look at their hair first.  Is that just me?  After all, they are suppose to be a walking advert for their own business.  Right???

After, I chopped off all of my hair which I ended up loving, I did notice the texture & feel of my hair improving.  Even though my hair does appear healthier, I wanted to use great products moving forward.

Here are my finds….

photo 1 (4) (copy)First, I stumbled upon the Macadamia Oil Deep Hair Mask one day while at Target.  I am always looking to try new things and I have heard a thing or two about it but never tried it.  The application is real simple, after washing with shampoo, you apply the conditioner and leave in 5-10 minutes.  I always leave in as long as I can while I’m washing my body, shaving, etc….  After, you rinse clean and then get out and dry as usual.  Right away I noticed my hair was soft, easy to comb through, and when dry, it was very healthy looking.  Shiny…Not frizzy… I will say….it is a bit pricey, but like I have said before, “you get what you pay for” sometimes.  This is one of those products in my opinion.  Purchase here for 33% off.

photo 4 (5) (copy)Before I go any further, I forgot to mention an important step in this whole hair mask process.  One thing I have learned through trial & error, before you condition your hair with any product whatsoever; you must clarify your hair using a clarifying shampoo.  I bought mine at Sally’s Beauty Supply for $10 (shown in picture above) – you can purchase yours here  at a discounted price.  The clarifying shampoo helps to open the cuticle of your hair so that the conditioners & nutrients of the mask can absorb deeper.  This allows everything to penetrated into the cuticle making it possible for your hair to become healthier.  Making everything work seamlessly – giving you the results you are looking for.

photo 3 (6) (copy)Another favorite hair mask, is this one above by Neutrogena.  WoW!  This mask is great for adding moisture back into your hair.  Especially, after color or chemically processing in any way.  I usually like to use this every other week.  I find that if I use it more often my hair tends to get oily.  That’s not the look I’m going for so I use this less often than the other masks I own.  I discovered this baby one afternoon while making a pit stop at Walgreens – $7.67.  I had never tried any of Neutrogena’s hair products – I was curious.  It smells really nice and makes my hair feel really amazing too.  I also have sensitive skin and this did not make me breakout.  Purchase here.

photo 2 (6) (copy)We all know L’Oreal for their cosmetics but their hair products are just as fabulous.  At the moment, I’m not sure if they carry another hair mask besides this one.  I am loving the Total Repair 5!  It claims to erase one year of damage in one use.  I’m not too sure about that claim, but I will say that this does bring shine, moisture, and manageability back into play.  I also love the smell of this product.  So nice!  I use this one on the weeks I don’t use my Macadamia Oil Deep Mask & Neutrogena Mask.  All in all, the three products last a good while when rotating them.  I do like to use my Macadamia Oil Deep Mask wisely because it does cost more than the other two.  Not saying they do a lot less work.  No…No…  The Macadamia Oil Mask just cost a lot more money, and is my favorite of the three.  I would highly recommend the L’Oreal Total Repair on one of those days or evenings you are going to use a lot of heat on your hair.  As it does include a heat protectant in the formula.  Purchase here.

I hope you guys enjoyed my blog on some really great products for your hair!  You know me – I always like to spread the wealth.  If I find something good enough to share….I will.  Till next time, please check out my YouTube channel and show some love by SUBSCRIBING!!!

As always, please excuse any typos or grammatical errors as this is a FREE community FREE of judgement and all sorts of negative content.  Finally, a world we can be a part of where all that really matters is simply your happiness.  WoW!  That was deep.



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