Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  This week flew by so quickly before you know…its the weekend.  I am one of those weird people who loves Mondays.  Of course, I also love Fridays for the obvious reasons but Mondays are really good for a “new start” kind of mentality.

A little blurb about the blog, on an occasional Friday of each month I will be posting, “Friday Favorites”.  I think this is a good idea to introduce new + tried products.  I use to do this over on YouTube but in all reality, I don’t have much time to film videos.  At least at this current time in my life.  I love filming videos and actually enjoy the whole editing process too.  I just have quite a bit on my plate so I choose not to include filming at this time.  If you rather I film a video on these products you just might be able to convince me.  This Friday will be my first post and I hope you love it.  I enjoy sharing so much of my life with you.  You guys are my friends and some of you I’ve known for years now.  It’s so exciting that this can even happen?  Online friendships are a thing and I never thought this would be my life.

On Friday Favorites posts, I will only include products that I really use, affordable and are really amazing.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t be a favorite of mine.  All pictures are going to be clickable links that will direct you straight to the product.  This is to make it convenient – I want to be clear that these are affiliate links.  I want to add that just because I use affiliate links doesn’t mean I will be dishonest or misleading.  I love my blog and the community!  I want this space to be an open, honest and positive place.  If you choose not to use these links that is okay.

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