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What girl or man doesn’t want to smell good?  I have always loved me a good fragrance – one that also has staying power.  How many of you love how a fragrance smells but hates the fact that it doesn’t last all day long?  At which, you have to re-apply it constantly through out the day.  Not fun, and very time consuming.  I’m the kind of girl who loves to spritz my whole body from head to toe and then forget about it.  In my mind, I feel that if I spend a pretty penny on a particular fragrance it should do the job.  Right?

On another point, there are many types of fragrances out there today.  Some are after shower mists, body sprays, perfume oils, Eau De Parfume, Eau De Toilette, roller ball parfume, etc…  Some aren’t actually meant to stay on all day such as a body mist.  These types of fragrances I like to use after my bath or shower.  This just gives a burst of shine on my routine.  I usually do this at night before bed, and I love how in the morning my sheets smell so beautiful.  Upsides, upsides….  Lately, I have been really loving a few that have been my go-to “shine” on sprays.  They put a smile on my face, and suddenly I’m in happy mood status.  When this happens, I feel okay investing a little bit more ($$$).  If the whole mood change doesn’t strike your fancy maybe a few compliments will?  You’ll definitely get some of those…

In order from top to bottom:

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre – $75.00.  Young scent in a constellation of tender and vibrant notes, at once delicate and airy, with an intoxicatingly light, fruity trail.

See By Chloe – $78.00. See By Chloé embodies femininity while blending masculine codes in an urban-chic way. This fragrance captures the audaciousness and strong personality of the Chloé woman.

The Body Shop Perfume Oil – Japanese Cherry Blossom – $16.00. A concentrated perfume oil infused with Japanese Cherry Blossom. This romantic, captivating blend of floral and hinoki wood accords was inspired by a spring day in Kyoto.

The Body Shop Shea Body Mist – $6.00 (usually $12 but currently on sale).  Gentle burst of delicious nuttiness. It’s irresistible. Delicious nutty fragrance Light and fresh Use all over body

I hope you’ve enjoyed my sharing today.  Thanks for stopping by….





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