Florals, muted tones, and Dasani make a great workspace….


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IMG_1248 (copy)In a world of beauty blogging or blogging period, it is essential to have a great area to work.  It is also necessary to surround yourself with things that make you feel creative, energetic, and just flat out good.  In my woman cave, I painted a neutral color on the walls so that I can have many options, because I know I change my mind quite a bit.  For the window dressing, I picked up some curtains from Home Goods that were sold as a pair for $15.  They have a nice floral design and went well with my concept.  This may change in a few months – who knows.

Side note, when your workspace is decluttered, organized, and properly decorated to your taste – it becomes a room you want to be in all the time.  This will help you achieve your work goals, and enable you to get those creative juices flowing.  I designate a day each week to throw out, file away, and thoroughly clean my work area.  Believe it or not, this helps A lOT.   A little off the subject, but I really enjoy using Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Countertop Spray in Radish scent #3.59.  It smells so good, and cleans well, and is super cheap.  Check it out here.

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I know I will get this question so I will answer it now.  The candle that is burning is from Diptyque – Bougie Parfumee scent.  I found 2.4 oz in particular on Haute Look on sale for  – $12 each.  I was excited about the sale so I ordered eight. The scent is so feminine and calming, perfect for any work area.  You can never have too many candles, right?

IMG_1247 (copy)I own the MALM Desk $149.00 purchased at IKEA.  You can check it out here.  It was really easy to assemble as there were no tedious parts.  It has a pretty large work top which is ideal for laying things out.  It is available in 3 finishes, but I chose to go with white.  For obvious reasons of course.  I found the desk chair at a local shabby chic boutique $25.  The owner of the boutique painted it with linen chalk paint, then, distressed it, and upholstered the cushion with a floral pattern.  It is comfortable, chic, and beautiful.   Totally, my style.

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IMG_1255 (copy)Some other important items to have on hand is stationary.  I purchased mine shown here at Target from the $1 spot section.  Please never ever pass up a good deal, and please never ever be that person who doesn’t buy from the $1 spot section at Target.  Don’t go without: list pads, sticky notes, journals, tweezers, and pens of all colors.  I find that colorful pens help me stay organized with my thoughts and days of the week.  Yes, I need the extra help.  My favorite gel pens are here.  I also find having a beverage on my desk at all times is nice.  I usually go with a sparkling water from Dasani (lime flavored) – you can check it out here, or I will brew up some hot tea.  My preference is either peppermint here or peach & ginger green tea here.  Did you know hot beverages can be thirst quenchers too?  They can also count as part of your water intake.  Great for me because I love hot tea.

IMG_1245 (copy)I like to tweeze my eyebrows during my mini break sessions.  It makes me a happy woman.

The best tweezers I found so far to date are here.

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On a typical work day, I am uploading videos or photographs, preparing other blog posts, editing videos or photos.  It can be pretty busy from day to day.  One perk about working from home is setting up your own schedule.  I like to arrange my schedule to get lighter towards the end of the week.  My family time is important to and this is how I create a good balance with work & family.  I try to put in a few posts and at least one video each week.  Sometimes I fail at it, but most weeks I make myself proud.  One thing that is really encouraging is the amount of blog subscribers I have – it seems to go up every month.  I must be doing something good here.  Have you subscribed to my blog yet?

Incase, you’re wondering what that tiny little bitty thing is on my laptop – it’s my camera remote.  I bought it at Best Buy $10, check it out here.  Very handy to have.  Especially, if you are a fashion blogger.  A little investment will take your pictures to a whole new heightened level.

I hope you have loved my share today.  I am planning on changing up my office decor and possibly the color of the walls soon.  Any suggestions?  As I feel that change is always a good thing – keep it fresh, unique, and chic = inspiration for some really amazing blog posts & pictures.

On a personal note, have you ever had a C.T. scan before?  Well, I am getting one tomorrow for my ears.  Apparently, I have failed my hearing test significantly, and they need to do further testing to cease concerns.  Wish me luck!

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