Father’s need beauty gifts too…

As Father’s Day is quickly approaching I’m sure there are a lot of people wondering what to gift their father.  Right?  I have a really special dad and I always strive so hard to get him the perfect gift or gifts.  After all, he worked so hard for my siblings and me growing up.  He was the provider of the household and my mom took care of everything else.  He made sure we had everything the family needed.  Now that I’m a parent myself I understand it was something that just came naturally.  We love providing for our family and making sure each person that is in our family is taken care of.

I love this man!  My dad!
I love this man! My dad!

With saying all of that, I though it would be a cool post to share some of my gift ideas with you.  Let’s face it men for the most part are relatively simple – so let’s keep the same concept with the gifts.  It should come from the heart and also be something that they can use or be reminded that they are appreciated.  Agree?

Here I go:

dollar shave club

Gift idea #1: Dollar Shave Club, gift the gift of never having the purchase a razor refill for an outrageous price every again.  You get a choice of a $1, $6, or $9 a month auto shipment membership.  Todd discovered this a few months ago, and LOVES it!!

money clip

Gift idea #2: A Personalized Engraved Money Clip, with a sweet message engraved on the money clip you’ll touch his heart over and over and over again.

fishermanGift idea #3: Silver Fish Pen Knife $22, this will make any fisherman happy knowing he has a trusty pocket knife at hand.  It is also very affordable, and comes in a neat little box.


Gift idea #4: Lillie’s Q Sauces & Rubs $8 a bottle, any man who loves to BBQ will be in heaven after tasting these sauces & rubs.  Each one has a unique flavor, and will definitely make your main course the center of attention at the dinner table.

golf 2

Gift idea #5: Personalized Golf Link Toppers $55, this is a perfect gift for an golf enthusiast.  Not only will it motivate him to up his game in golf, but it will also make him more chic on the course.  What more could he ask for?



Gift idea #6: Birdie Box Subscription $45 a month, this is for the major golfer who has to be in the know about his favorite sport.  This is a monthly subscription that comes directly to his mailbox filled with golf goodies.  Amazing!!!


Gift idea #7: Makeover Dad Day (Priceless), a day of planned grooming for your special father will leave him feeling rejuvenated, handsome, and well loved.  I have to admit not all men like being pampered & groomed, but some do.  This would be such a thoughtful gift especially, if he works in a stressful environment.  One tip, I would actually plan a day of this for my dad and actually take him myself.  Instead of giving him a gift of certificates.  This way I know he will actually get pampered and get everything done.

Well, that’s all of my ideas that I could come up with.  I hope this was helpful and if I come up with anymore ideas you’ll be the first to know!!!  Have an amazing weekend.



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