My Christmas Home Tour 2014


Untitled Red cups from Starbucks, Salvation Army ringing bells, and holiday parties with close friends & family make me so happy.  Today’s blog post was inspired by many of those who are sharing their holiday home decor ideas in the blog world.  This is a perfect thing for me because I love blogging, and I love decorating for the holidays.   I am not an over the top kind of girl, but I do love glitz & glam.  Every year, I choose a theme – not really like a “Disney” or “Candy Cane” theme.  Just using colors like: gold & red, green & silver, or  silver & blue.  This year I went with an every color kinda theme.  Basically, whatever struck my fancy – I used it.  Not judging on those that use themes like Mikey Mouse, Sea Life, or even Snoopy.  That’s all you.  Cheers!

This is my first time to feature a home tour on my blog, so let me know what you think.  Also, what is your favorite thing about Christmas?  Mine is watching everyone open their gifts on Christmas day.  There’s something to be said about seeing the expression on their faces.  It totally makes waiting in long lines, fighting traffic, and boob sweating in your ugly Christmas sweater all worth it.

DSC00018 (copy)I’m not sure if you remember, but I used these urns for my halloween decor back in October.  You can see that DIY video here.  I think they add a bit of Spanish flare.  I did see some identical at Old Time Pottery which is like a Garden Ridge or Hobby Lobby.

DSC00053 (copy)I really love the simplicity of this wreath.  I made it!  I bought the wreath at Michaels for $14.  I added holly berries I already had in my holiday storage bin.  I also bought this burlap ribbon during a Thanksgiving sale for $6 at Michaels and used it here.

DSC00013 (copy)This is our first flocked faux tree, that we displayed in the formal dining room.  It has holly berry already attached to the tree limbs and we decorated it with an assortment of decorations from previous years.  No set theme here, again, just keeping it cute, classic, and simple.

DSC00014 (copy)As the tree topper, I used mesh ribbon in white, and a leopard printed ribbon I bought from Hobby Lobby for $9.  The mesh was in my stash from last year’s Christmas decor.  Never throw anything away, you never know when you’ll put it to good use later.  I used a pipe cleaner to attach the tree topper to the top of the tree.  Works really well.

DSC00040 (copy)

Last year, we wrapped all of our gifts in gold and white paper (different prints).  It looked really pretty.  This year, as you can see we are not doing that.  We thought it would be nice to have random bags & wrapping paper.

DSC00012 (copy)I am infatuated with my tablescape this year.  My table is an antique from the 1940’s so I enjoy dressing it up every now and again.

DSC00045 (copy)The mercury glass pillar candle holders were a steal at Home Goods, $6.99 each.  You can find similar here.  The place mats and the red & gold runner made a presence from last year’s decor.  The ivory candles were from IKEA (you can never have too many candles), and the plates (real china) were a gift from a friend for our wedding.

DSC00015 (copy)The decor on the table such as: ornaments, small gift boxes, and plaid ribbon were lucky finds at Dollar Tree.

DSC00011 (copy)Napkins are from Pier 1 here; Paired with this napkin here. Napkin rings again from Pier 1 here; Silver Chargers are from last year but can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond, $2.99 each. You can check them out here.

DSC00019 (copy)Again, the decorative ornaments are all from Dollar Tree. The glass bowl chandelier is also a great way to transition from season to season just by adding different decor.  Check that out here.  The wreath in the background was made by my mom a few years ago.  A perfect addition to my home for the holidays.

DSC00020 (copy)This 7ft faux Christmas tree was on sale after the holidays for $50 over at Big Lots.  It is a bit different because this one has a decorative urn as the base.  It is a pre-lit tree which makes our life easier.  We call this our gold & red tree because that is how we have decorated it so far.  Next year may be different though.  Here is the exact tree here.

DSC00021 (copy)All the ornaments you see on this tree including the bows were purchased at Big Lots during the after Christmas sale.  Everything was 50%-75% off – AMAZING!  I’m hoping to attend another sale.

DSC00044 (copy)

DSC00022 (copy)In the picture above, are two holly berry wreaths tied together with ribbon.  One is slightly smaller than the other which gives it character – in my opinion.  The wreaths were purchased at Hobby Lobby at the same time, $14 & $20.

DSC00041 (copy)I am starting to collect different types of mini Christmas trees and displaying them around the house.  I thought this was a chic way of decorating this year.  In the picture shown, one tree is mercury glass with metal, the other is made with different size circular wood chips.  I found both at T.J. Maxx for $10 & $12.

DSC00025 (copy)I like my table runner to fit tightly across the table to ensure a clean & neat look.  To achieve this, I use my handy staple gun and secure it to the ends of the table.  The staples come out easily using a flat screw driver so it’s really no damage at all.  On top, I’ve add a candelabra with 9 votive holders (we often use this as our menorah).  Around the candelabra, I placed garland that has pinecones, and fake crystals (acting as snow) which glisten with the light from the votives for a romantic feel.

DSC00026 (copy)

DSC00031 (copy)For the last six years or so, we’ve used the same stockings for the family.  This year I wanted to do something simple but special.  While at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago I found these stockings for $6 each.  I thought they were pretty cute and so soft.  I took them to Preppy in Paradise to get names embroidered in gold.  The finished result, “just what I wanted.” I spoke to a kind lady named Emily.  She was the one who also helped me when I got Todd’s shirts monogrammed at the cuff.  It really helps when the person assisting you knows what they are talking about.  You can check them out here.  Take a look… In my opinion, these stocking no longer look like regular $6 stockings.  I know I paid extra to get the names embroidered.  That’s okay because they are going to last a few years.

DSC00028 (copy)

DSC00029 (copy)


I dressed up each stocking by adding a different ornament.  It added a bit more than just a stocking hanging on the hook.  The stocking holders were from four years ago.  I really can’t remember where I purchased them.  The ornaments where bought at Wal-Mart at the same time as the stockings.  DSC00039 (copy)I can’t forget about our advent calendar that took center stage for the first time this year.  I like to refer to her as, “foxy lady”.  Todd wasn’t too fond of her but that’s okay because I was never was too fond of dreidels.  Although the Jewish meaning of the game is quiet lovely (not the gambling part).  If you don’t know, most dreidels are inscribed with the letter פ, rendering the acronym, נס גדול היה פה, Nes Gadol Hayah Poh—”A great miracle happened here” referring to the miracle occurring in the land of Israel.

DSC00036 (copy)I really don’t decorate the bathrooms, but I did find these cute hand towels at Home Goods for $2 each.  I couldn’t pass it up, so I took them home with me.  It goes really nicely in our master bathroom.  I have to admit, in this picture it looks like they could use some ironing.  Do you iron hand towels?

DSC00049 (copy)I would like to conclude my Christmas home tour 2014 with my favorite candles.  One school event I look forward to each year is the Yankee Candle Fundraiser.  They are the same price as in the store.  Except part of the proceeds go back to the school, so I feel like my money is going to a good thing.  The school.  My other favorite store to shop for candles is Bath and Body Works.  They have some amazing scents for each season, and they often have their 2 for $24 sale.  You can’t really beat that price.  I always make sure and have a 30% off coupon which you can easily find online.  Just prepare yourself with it on phone before you walk into the store.  It never fails, once you walk into the store and try to get online – the internet speed is horrible.  Peppermint Bark is here.  Merry Marshmallow is here. BBW Vanilla Snow Flake candle was a limited edition and is no longer available.  I would recommend this site for the exact candle here.  I also recommend Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow here at BBW.  It is also a great one and the scent is almost identical.

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my Christmas Home Tour.  I really loved taking the photos, and decorating everything for the holidays.  You have no idea the joy in my heart right now.

Some holiday preaching here:

1. Always know that you are blessed.

2. Always be thankful for everything you have in life.

I know in today’s day and age, we eat, work, and sleep and do it all over again each day.  It’s hard sometimes to take a moment and look around to realize we really have it good.

3. Tell your families how you feel and that you care about them.

Time is precious and can never be taken back, so with saying that, don’t take time for granted.

4. Love, be in peace, and live.


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