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I can’t start a Christmas post without saying, “it’s my FAVORITE time of year!”  Naturally, I am a giving person not because I expect something in return.  It’s actually the complete opposite, I don’t do very well with receiving gifts.  Yes, you can ask Todd – it’s true.  Giving makes me feel so much better.  lol.  For instance, just tonight the girls and I were having dinner at Jason’s Deli.  By the way, I love their salad bar!  On the way out, I saw a tree with a bunch of stars with a label.  Each label had whether it was a girl or boy between the ages of 11-17.  When I asked one of the girls who worked there about the tree, she told me it was a boys & girls foundation called Heights Foundation.  Basically, this foundation supports underprivileged children that either come from broken homes, violent situations, and even abandonment.  Just when I thought the night couldn’t of ended any happier with my daughter’s debut of her play, and having a pretty successful week monetarily speaking, my heart was broken.  I am one of those people who can’t stand the thought of a child hurting, suffering or going without.  You know what I mean?  At that moment, I told Jasmine & Erica to choose one and I chose two more for Todd and I.  For a long time, I have always tried so hard to get Jasmine & Erica to appreciate life, and not to take it for granted.  I can tell them everyday that they are very fortunate, but to tell you the truth, children need to see to believe.  That is why I have started a new tradition…. Will fill you in a little bit later:)

I understand that both women & men can be hard to shop for.  In my opinion, I just think we over think it and put so much pressure on ourselves to get the perfect gifts.  In reality, the simplest gifts wrapped so beautifully will always be the winner.  Come on let’s go shopping…. Click on picture to purchase any gift idea shown.  Easy & convenient!!!

She’ll Love these Gifts: 

booties 2

bootie 6


Booties are so incredible this time of year!  Any woman who wears skinny jeans will love a pair of these booties.  The pair at the top are from a Michael Kors collection, and the bottom pair of booties are from Crown Vintage.  The Michael Kors pair is more pricier, and the Crown Vintage brand is more affordable but you achieve the same look.

eye linerGlitter during the holiday season is like cut off shorts during the Summer.  A total must have!  You can glam up any style with a touch of glitz and glamour with this glitter eyeliner collection by Sephora.  Amazing price – amazing product!!!

eye shadow paletteOkay people, do I need to elaborate on these palettes?  I hope not, because anyone who know anything about makeup will have heard a thing or two about Urban Decay.  Highly pigmented, amazing colors, a compliment-able variation of mattes and sheen colors.  This would be all you need on a trip anywhere, WHAT? I meant any trip around the world.  The only problem I think you would run into is running out of shadow.  Yeah!
initial necklaceJennifer Zeuner is a great jewelry designer with a reputable company under her belt.  She is all about quality control and doesn’t make room for mistakes in her designs.  The latest trends which anyone of celebrity status is wearing are the customizable necklace pieces by Jennifer’s line.  So pretty – so priceless.

jcrew peacoatYou need a peacoat in your life!  That’s not an opinion it’s a fact.  At J. Crew you can find a variety of colors to choose from and my favorite is the pink coat above, and the navy blue one.  Love, Love, Love!!!  Priced very conservatively – I’m mean let’s think about this one…..It will last you forever!

lashes 2Talking about forever, these lashes will last up to 25-30 uses.  They are made will real mink which is why they last as long they do.  I have tried and tested them myself, and they are pretty amazing.  I only wear them on special occasions and I have had mine for about 6 months.  I do hear they are sometimes on back order – should tell you something.  Check it out if your beauty is into falsies.
nail polishSephora’s new nail polish Formula X is just like getting Shellac on your nails without the high price tag.  The top coats are to so luxurious in just one application.  One coat is amazing but two coats makes it even better.  The gift set above allows you the opportunity to be your own nail salon with color options. I am gifting this to 5 people on my list.  Want to know who?

pink 2Victoria Secret is always a hot brand to seek out during the holidays.  Their stores always have gift sets ready to go and so easy on the bank account.  Some might say pajamas are cheesy.  I say they are just the PERFECT gift, because everyone needs to revamp their p.j’s a few times a year.  Why not Christmas time!  Hey!  The one shown above is so cute and depending on who’s in it can be real sexy too!!! pink uggsOur feet need love too!  I found these also at Victoria Secret.  Kind of resemble the whole Ugg design but a little shorter.  While in V.S. last week, I tried them on and they are so amazingly cozy, soft, and warm.  Unless, you are living in the Caribbean or a hot place – what woman wouldn’t want these.  They also come in a black gray color.
prada 1Let’s just say that any fragrance from Prada is a must have.  They are sensual, soft, and so girly everyone one must have at least a small bottle.  I do believe they sell the roller ball too.  I bought this one for myself on my birthday and I have been wearing is everyday.  It is a great fragrance for the fall & winter.
sigma brushSigma Beauty is well know across the globe for their perfection in makeup tools.  Why not gift your lovely a set of her own, very special makeup brushes?  You don’t know who important it really is until you try them first hand.  This pink set above is a great starter set.  socksYou may be laughing about socks being on my Christmas gift guide, but the truth is when your feet are cold and you have to walk on tile or wood floors it can be cold.  At that very moment, you’re gonna wish you had received cute, cozy, socks from Bath and Body Works.  They are inexpensive, pretty, and have grippers on the bottom for traction.  Perfect as a stocking stuffer or an add on gift.

tarte lip


Tarte Lip products are such a nice gift especially if you gift this one above.  For $40 you have eight beautiful colors at hand – all at once.  WOW!  I absolutely love Tarte Cosmetics for their attention to detail, quality, and just for all the options they give us.  These lip sticks are moisturizing, long lasting, and are also good for grabbing one or two for yourself.  Gifting the others to people you know might love them.  versace 1I really don’t need to go into detail here with Versace Crystal.  I love this fragrance, I always get a ton of compliments when I wear it.  It’s just so beautiful, even in it’s packaging.  Look!  The top even looks like a diamond.  Shine bright like a diamond…..
winterOkay so while I was in Houston over Thanksgiving holiday – I ran across this body mist from Bath and Body Works.  I was hooked when I smelled the tester but when I was ready to purchase it they were sold out.  People….. I wen to four Bath and Body Works stores only to walk out empty handed.  What does that tell you?  Dang this stuff is orgasmic!  Sorry for the “R” rated talk and all, but when I got back to Florida, I bought five bottles of this stuff.  Not as gifts.

I hope this helped you out as I completely understand that this could be a hard thing to do each year.  Remember simple is always the winner!  Wrapped well with ribbon that is!

Thanks for visiting me today!!!
Thanks for visiting me today!!!


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