The Best Workout Pants 2016

The Best Workout Pants

The best workout is one where you are comfortable and you feel like your skin can breath. I don’t know about you but no matter the workout I like to feel like my clothes are moving with me – not against me. When the material is stretchy & soft to the touch. What is so amazing in today’s day and age is that you can find cool workout attire to work into any budget. One thing I find helpful is asking someone I workout with where they find their pieces. I only focus on people whose style is compatible with that of mine.

Throughout the years, I have participated in pilates, barre, yoga, running, spin, Zumba, CrossFit, and so many others the list goes on… I go through phases, one week I love barre, the next week I love a boot camp class. All I know is that if I do the same workout every single day, weeks on end I’ll get bored real fast. Do you know anyone like that? One thing that I’ve learned about myself, buying workout clothes keeps me motivated. Shopping addiction? No, of course, I don’t do this all the time just when I know I need to spruce things up in my drawers. And…not all of my drawers just the ones with my workout tidbits.

Fun fact about me, I’ve been working out for over a decade now? Rest assured, I think I can direct you in the right direction here. Sometimes we have to stop and think what are our goals when shopping for this stuff. Is it comfort? Style? Longevity? What??? Well, above are my top favorite workout pants that are the most amazing ever. They move with you, dry fast (from the sweatiness), block odor (I wish they all did), and almost all are high waisted. Stop for a second. High waisted pants aren’t just for those who have had babies. They are added support for people who have back issues, weak stomach muscles, and they help with balance too. Did you know that? Yes, stop reading my blog post and go invest in a good pair. Along with finding some really good workout pants, I’ve also found some brands that carry awesome thingies. You can find them here:

5. VS
7. Alo
10. K.Deer

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